Historical Costuming, and the drive behind it


Last week, as I contemplated what to do with some time off I have in just over a week, I found that I really wanted to get started on a project that has long been put off. This led me to stop and think about why I love to sew historically inspired garments. Many people have asked me if I feel as I were born in the wrong era, and other such questions. And the answer that I found was – No, I don’t feel as if I were born in the wrong era. I like the modern technology, modern medicine (well, parts of it, anyway), and modern transportation we have just fine. I just feel that our modern times have lost it’s sense of style and decorum. Here is why I think this. With as far as our society has come, I still run across numerous people that go shopping at the big box stores in their pajamas. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the odd emergencies late in the evening and had to hit the corner gas mart in my plaid jammies pants and a tee shirt with slip on tennis shoes to grab a gallon of milk. And, while they are comfortable, I just can’t see planning my whole shopping day to run around in what I slept in. Every time see this, I stop and ask myself – Where has all the sense of style gone? I will admit, I am guilty of the days where I have run out on errands while wearing sweat pants with a tee shirt and tennis shoes. And while we do have numerous styles going on in our modern times, but most of them are just not appealing to me. What does appeal to me is the style of the previous eras, and everything that goes with them, right down to the layers of undergarments. Granted, with our modern mindset of fast and easy, after a while it would become tedious and exhausting to dress this way every single day. But, it fascinates me all the same. Another aspect that appeals to me is undertaking the constructions of these garments.

Construction of my Edwardian Undergarments – lace insertion

I am a process type person. I love the detail and process involved in certain things. Maybe that’s why I’m a crafting addict. I love the process of making things, like knitting socks and sweaters, making soaps and candles from scratch, and making costumes. For me, making historically inspired costumes fits my love of process. From picking the patterns, fabrics and trims to tracing/drafting the pattern pieces, cutting the fabric, fitting the unfinished garments, the hand details that some garments require, and adding my own touches to these garments. Sometimes they turn out so lovely and become one of my favorites, and sometimes they are a big disappointment. But, that’s all part of the process. After the life distractions and devastation of last year, I am craving this process. I have another week of work before my winter “stay-cation”, so I will be taking a bit of time in the evenings to get everything together and ready. I so can’t wait! I have the majority of the material and trim needed, and I’m really excited to get started.

Do you have any projects you’re getting ready to start? Any that you are currently in the middle of, or just finished? Please comment and share, I would love to hear about them.

Until next time…. Happy Sewing!

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