Making some progress…..

I have made some progress on some of the home renovations that I have wanted to do for years. It’s just not the progress I want to be making. lol. I would love to have most, if not all, of my Victorian undergarments made, but I have opted to get some areas of the house made over, finally. We have ordered some new flooring for the main part of the house, so we can finally get rid of the 20 year old carpet. The only thing is that the flooring we picked is so popular, it won’t be in until the end of the month…. and we ordered it last month. So, I will be taking time off at the beginning of June to get it installed. I can’t wait, I’m so excited! The other renovations I have made was to the laundry room. After purchasing a new washer and dryer just before Christmas, that tiny room (and I mean tiny, it’s only 5′ by 7′) was in shambles. Since I bought front loading machines, and wanted them stacked, we had to take down the one wire shelf that was in there. That left no where for the stuff on the shelf to go, except into the entry area, and on my travel sewing table. Then, the hubby didn’t want to try to put machines where I wanted them, and I had to leave them sitting in the middle of the room. That meant that my travel table had to go in front of the door to the garage, to be a make shift station for the detergents and stuff. Yeah. That room was barely functional. Here is what it looked like:


Tiny, drab, and positively no room. Blah! So, the weekend of April 29th, I dove in with some paint, new flooring (peel and stick tile since it’s just the laundry room), a new light fixture and some determination. Here is how it looked by the end of the day:


Much better, right? The only help I had with it was when the hubby helped me move the machines out into the entry area, and when the Teenaged Attitude helped by handing me the tiles and I laid them. She did dive in at the end and help with the outer edge that needed special cut pieces. I taught her out to do that without wasting bunch of tiles. Oh! and the hubby helped me install the new light fixture. Which I loved so much, I bought another one to replace the outdated and malfunctioning fixture in the hall. As you can see there is plenty of space to the right of the machines, and some white shelves leaning against the wall. I got those installed this past weekend, and that helped greatly with all the extra stuff in the kitchen that isn’t used daily. Now, to get the rest of the main area of the house ready over the next couple of weeks for the new flooring, and, to get motivated on getting the sewing room finished up. Hopefully, I can get down there soon to start sewing. That would be so nice. Well, until next time…. Happy Sewing!


Long time, no post….

They say the best laid plans, and all that. lol. Yeah. I had grand plans to making sure I posted a couple of times a week, and I also has plans on having the sewing room renovations completed, and a few projects started. But, as you all know, life happens. Since I haven’t really had time to get to the sewing room to finish it up, I picked my knitting back up, and have been making great progress on it. So far this year, I have completed my Jewel Shift Afghan, a shawlette, and about 18 pairs of socks, I knit really fast. I have set a goal of 52 pairs of socks this year, averaging 1 pair a week. Let’s see if I make it. At the current progress, I’m about a month ahead of goal.

Now, what about costume sewing? Well, that’s a fair question. I have really started feeling the itch to get started on some things. Right now, I am really feeling pulled to work on the set of Victorian undergarments that I want to make in black cotton, and I want to get a start on designing my Regency dress for this year’s picnic. With that urge pulling really strongly, I made some time to go down into the sewing room, and with a bit of help from Miss Julia, started getting things put away and organized. It’s much closer to being in working condition. I would love to paint before I start any projects, but with the weather acting crazy lately, I think I will let that wait another month or so. Plus, I’m still trying to decide on a paint color. lol. But, I hope to have something to share soon. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!

And, it has begun!

This past weekend was a bit of complete opposites. Saturday was way more relaxed, compared to Sunday. As my mother-in-law is packing up the last of her condo for her move to South Carolina, we had her over for dinner on Saturday. So, my Saturday consisted of making sure things were picked up around the house, and the carpet was vacuumed, and then making dinner. But, when Sunday dawned bright and early, it was go time! See, I made my hubby a deal. I would help him clear out the spare room, and clean it from top to bottom for him to use as a place to study for school and get his newly acquired treadmill in there, but only after he helped me bring the loveseat up from the sewing room. I was out of bed at 7:30 am, had a bit of breakfast, and then got started on moving everything out of the way to get the love seat out of the sewing room, up the stairs, and out the front door to the garage. The first thing I did was empty out the movie shelves that I had the bottom of the stairs, just outside the sewing room door. I honestly did not think we had that many movies and video games.


And, that’s not all of it. The bottom of the tv armoire is half full, plus there is a drawer full. There is never a reason why we should be bored. If there’s nothing on tv, pick a movie or game. lol. Oh! And you can see the teenaged invasion in the back ground. They were all playing hand held games. But, after all of this, I had to go into the sewing room to liberate the loveseat. It kind of became a “catch all” for the room.


There is a loveseat under there. I promise. lol. But, I can say that not all of this from tossing stuff on the loveseat. Part of that was a garment rack that was attached to the wall. If fell off one day, while I was sitting next to it sewing. Everything on the rack thankfully landed on the loveseat and chairs that were sitting under it. As the room isn’t overly large, I ended up having to pile everything in the middle of the floor to get to the loveseat, but that didn’t take too long.


Once I finally found the loveseat under all of the costumes, boxes, bags of yarn, scrap fabric, and stuffed animals, I found something else, too. There. On the far cushion. Evidence of tiny, four legged creatures that aren’t welcome in the house, let alone my sewing room. That’s right. There have been mice in the sewing room. Yuck! And, besides some leftover yarn, they apparently found a piece of candy that was forgotten about. So, note to self: Make sure to clear out all traces of food and drink before leaving the sewing room. The saving grace of this loveseat is that it is super light weight. I called the hubby down, and we hoisted it up and out of the room with very little effort. If it hadn’t been for the fact that it was in what little basement I have, I probably could’ve hauled it out by myself.


There it is, sitting in the driveway, awaiting it’s fate. It sat there for a while, before we moved it back into the garage until I can schedule bulk pickup for next week. From there, the rest of the day was packed with moving stuff out of the spare room, sorting, throwing old stuff away, and generally being productive. When that was all over and done with, I went back down into the sewing room. And, why not? I had a clear section where I could get to the carpet….

Where the loveseat used to sit

Where the loveseat used to sit

Near the door, where Miss PJ's sewing station usually is

Near the door, where Miss PJ’s sewing station usually is

I ripped up a section that was about 4 feet wide. Can’t wait to get the rest of that carpet out of there. Each evening, I have been going down to sort, reorganize and move things over to where I ripped up the carpet, so I can prepare the next section to come out. I want to have it all out by the of this weekend, so it can go out with the bulk pickup next week. Then, once that it all out of there, I can finally get the sewing room set up in a more productive configuration. I have pulled a couple of short book cases from other rooms to go down. They will become the base of my new sewing station, with the pre-made counter top I salvaged from work. The smaller counter top I salvaged will be connected to it, so I can have my sewing machine, embroidery machine, and serger all lined up for quick use. I can’t wait! At this point in the year, painting the walls will have to wait until spring or summer. Which is a good thing, as I still haven’t decided on a color. So, this weekend will be packed full of finishing up things, at my mother-in-law’s condo, and in my sewing room.

Is anyone else doing any fall cleaning/rearranging/purging? If so, comment by clicking the heart in the top right corner of the post, and tell me what you decided to get rid of.

Until next time… Happy Sewing!