Patterns, Patterns, and more Patterns!

With the urge to start sewing, and the start of actual sewing activity this past weekend, I have started adding to my pattern collection, again. lol. In a post from a couple of weeks ago, I posted about getting some new Truly Victorian patterns, and hitting the Simplicity pattern sale at the fabric store, and now there’s more. Yay!

Last summer, Truly Victorian release a new Edwardian corset pattern, and I was completely unaware of it until I came across this post on Historical Sewing early last week. I’m not sure how I missed it, but then again, when I was on there a few weeks ago, I was concentrating on the Late Bustle Era patterns, and not the Edwardian patterns. But, when I saw it, I knew I just had to have it. It would save me tons of trouble on resizing another corset pattern I have from that era, as it only comes in one size, and that size is not mine. When I ordered, I also ordered a late bustle era bodice pattern that I was needing.

Truly Victorian patterns TV466 and TVE13
Truly Victorian patterns TV466 and TVE13

Besides the arrival of the new Truly Victorian patterns, I did hit the Butterick pattern sale at the fabric store. I picked up some of what I had marked on my “to buy” list.

Newly purchased Butterick patterns
Newly purchased Butterick patterns

I did find that one of the patterns I really wanted for my 1950’s Christmas costume has been made OOP. It was B5824, the coat by Gertie. I was so upset with myself for waiting so long to buy it. But, then again, I could’ve sworn that I had already bought it. I’m not done with cleaning the sewing room, so it may still be stashed in there somewhere, as there are a lot of places I could’ve put it. So, I am going to wait until I get the sewing room done before resorting to buying it on eBay or Etsy. I’m hoping I find a couple of copies in the sewing room, so fingers crossed on that one.

That’s being said, with the creative mood I’ve been in, this evening I will be tracing out the 1913 corset pattern, and maybe doing a mock up to start working on the fit. I won’t be able to actually start on the corset until I decide on fabric, and buy the rest of the supplies, like busk, grommets and boning. But, I really, really want to get this going. I can’t wait to get my 1912 Walking Suit done. So, expect a progress report later this week, or early next week. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!


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