2017: The year that wasn’t full of sewing

2017 was a year that took a drastic turn. We unexpectedly lost someone very near and dear to us, and that turned the whole year on it’s head. While I didn’t accomplish much sewing, if any, it was definitely a year that saw a lot of changes. Here is a list of some of the things that happened this year:

  • Spent a lot of time helping others that needed it, like helping Miss PJ with some needed house repairs.
  • The oldest daughter moved back home, and brought her lovable cat with her. We really missed Mr. Vinny. It took some time for the girls to warm up to him.
  • Spent time doing a few new things that we haven’t tried before.
  • Got the new flooring down in the house.
  • Had another work trip to Chicago, too bad it was only for 24 hours.
  • A couple of trips to the tattoo shop.
  • Finally got my embroidery machine out, and put it to use.
  • Finally got a real vacation, first one since 2005. We went to South Carolina, and visited Savannah, GA.
  • My husband graduated nursing school.

So, while it was a full year, it just wasn’t full of sewing. I did spend a some time in the sewing room, getting some things done. It’s almost where more than one person can work down there. Almost. lol. I was able to set up a functional sewing space for myself that allowed for my regular machine, as well as my embroidery machine. Here’s a small peek:


In the new year, I hope to get the ugly walls painted a much lighter color, get the pile of packed up items that were deemed trash out of the room, get a second station set up for Miss PJ, get the rest of the storage options down into the room, and maybe get a throw rug to help a bit with the concrete floor. My hope for the new year is to have this room back to being completely functional, and actually start sewing costumes again. I also hope to get back to updating this blog on a regular basis. I have sorely neglected it this year, but with good reason.

So, until next time…. Happy Sewing & Happy Holidays! See you in the new year!

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