2011 EP Regency Picnic Dress – Wrap Dress

Pattern used: My own
Date Started: August 27, 2011
Date Finished:August 28, 2011
Material used: White with vertical burgundy stripes
Notions used:Hooke & eyes, buttons and burgundy braided trim

May 26, 2011 – Planning phase

I guess it’s time to start thinking of what I want to do for the Regency picnic this year. I am considering a wrap around dress, but haven’t made up my mind. I also need to pick out fabric, but nothing has jumped out at me, yet. I did consider wearing my drop front from last year, but only for a minute. I guess I’ll just have to wander the Calico section of JoAnn’s until something screams “use me”. lol.

July 28, 2011 – I have a plan

I have decided to use some fabric given to me by Angie. It is white with slim vertical burgundy stripes. I will be making a wrap dress, I have the design sketched out. Once I get my new set of undergarments finished, I will be starting on the dress.

August 29, 2011 – Best laid plans, and all that!

*Please excuse the bad hair and no make up….

I was finally able to start on my dress, this past Saturday. I tossed out the original design I had in my head, the one I sketched out.  My new design is loosely based on the Half Robe from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1. On Saturday, I was able to start drafting the pattern around noon. I got the lining cut for the mock up, and sewn in now time. We took a break for dinner, thinking it would a short one, but ended up strolling through a car show that was taking place in the shopping center. A several hours later, we were able to get back down to the sewing room. By the time we called it a night, I had the bodice completely done, just waiting for the skirt. We started again around 1 on Sunday. I was able to get the skirt panels cut and attached. After that, I kind of hit a wall with how to trim it. As the old purse is very low on coins, I was trying to work with what I currently had in the sewing room. After a while of blindly gazing at the dress (if you look too closely, the stripes just about make you cross eyed, and can give you a headache. lol), it started coming to me in bits and pieces. I have the final trim design worked out, I hope to have it finished this evening. Which is a good thing, as the picnic is a little over a week away! 🙂

September 14, 2011 – Finished Project Photos

I love this dress! I do believe this has become my favorite Regency dress.

Front of Wrap dress

This dress was very comfortable. I was able to wear this with ease, all day long.

Back of the Wrap dress

February 12, 2016 – Exciting News!

Hi All! I have received so many compliments on this dress, and many, many requests for what pattern I used, and upon hearing that I drafted this pattern myself, I’m asked if I sell this pattern. Well, great news! I will now be offering this pattern for sale. I am just getting started on selling patterns, so for a time, it will be a custom drafted pattern only, made to the measurements provided by the customer. If you are interested in this pattern, please visit my design page at Rosie Gypsy Designs, or email me at rosiegypsydesigns at gmail dot com.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. cometkatt says:

    I LOVE this dress.. being big busted i have always thought that regency wasnt for the likes of me. now granted i am not tall like you but this dress gives me hope i could wear a regency dress. my question for you tho.. i realize you are one of those Talented people who dont need patterns to hold your hand. i, unfortunately am.
    IS there any actual pattern that you know of that could get me close to the style you have created here?? for that matter, do you make patterns of what you do for others?? so far all i seem to find is a cross-every bodice & am not sure that is the same or even close..
    would be sincerely grateful for advice & suggestions.. thank you
    Robin in so cal

  2. Tonia says:

    Hi Robin! Sorry to take so long to reply, I haven’t been checking in as often as I should. Shame on me!

    Now, to answer your questions: The pattern I based this off of is out Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1. I purchased this book on Amazon, but if money is a bit tight (as it can be now a days, especially with us costumers), this book is still in circulation and should be available at your local library. You would need to draft the pattern up to fit your measurements, which may take a few tries. I will say that for the back I did use the back of another Regency pattern, which is Simplicity 4055 designed by Sense & Sensibility Patterns. I do recommend her patterns, they are very well designed, and when you purchase her patterns directly from her, it comes with every size available. The two front pieces of this dress bodice are exactly the same, just facing in opposite directions so that they cross over each other, and overlap nearly to the side seams.As for being big busted, I will absolutely recommend that you make a set of period correct chemise and stays. The pattern for the stays that I have used with great success, and highly recommend is Long Stays by Mantua-Maker. I have made several sets of stays from this pattern, and as with the patterns from Sense & Sensibility, you get every size available when you purchase one of their patterns. Another thing I will recommend is to do a mock up of your garments out of any undesirable fabric you have handy. This way, you can try it on (yourself or your dressmaker’s form, if you have one) to make any needed adjustments before you cut into your good fabric, and you can use a marker to make any notes on the mock up for any future garments you may make with the same pattern. This process has saved me from ruining nice fabrics that were only available in limited quantities, or that was very expensive. You can always check out my other Regency project pages for the notes I have on them. Also, if you would like to chat further, have other questions, or need any advise, you are more than welcome to email me directly, and I will be more than happy to help out in any way I can. Besides, I always like making new friends. 😉 You can find my email address on the about page. As for being tall, I’m really not. lol. I am only 5’4″, and usually have to shorten every pattern I use by at least a couple of inches. I truly hope this helps you. I would love to hear back from you, and see any garments you make.

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