2011 Regency Girl’s Picnic Dress

Date Started: August 6, 2011
Date Finished:
Pattern Used: Simplicity 8318 OOP
Material Used: 100% cotton print and 100% linen
Notions:buttons and ribbon

August 16, 2011 – Catch up

I started Annie’s dress for the 2011 Regency picnic on August 6th. I cut out the bodice lining from a length of linen I had, and I cut out the bodice from the cotton. I managed to get the bodice sewn, and am working on the sleeves. I did cut the short poofy sleeves, but have reconsidered. If I have enough fabric, I will be cutting a set of close fitting, elbow length sleeves, instead. We shall see the next time I can get into the sewing room. lol.

August 18, 2011 – Change up

I did make it down to the sewing room last night. After measuring the length of fabric I had left for the skirts, I did find that there was enough fabric left to re-cut sleeves. After discussing it with Annie, and finding that she did prefer the elbow length sleeves, I cut them out of the fabric and the linen lining, and got them sewn and attached to the layers respectively. Much easier and much quicker than the short poofy sleeves. Despite the sudden sinus infection I have developed, I hope to be able to get back down to the sewing room this evening and get the skirt panels cut, sewn and attached. That will just leave hemming and hand finishing. I’ll have to see if Annie wants a ribbon at the underbust seam, or if she just wants it plain. Once her dress is finished, I can then start on mine.

August 23, 2011 – Finished!

I was able to get the skirt panels cut and attached on Saturday. I just needed to buy a white ribbon for the accent, which I picked up at JoAnn’s on Sunday. I finally found the time to sit down and attached it. I am very pleased with the change in the sleeves. It gives Annie a more mature look. I do think this will be the last year that I will be using this modified pattern. By next year’s picnic, I should be able to use Simplicity 4055, at the smallest size available. So, I think another successful Regency dress for Annie!

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