18th Century Robe a l’anglaise

Date Started: March 4, 2012
Date Finished:
Pattern used:Period Impressions 1770’s Polonaise
Material used: cotton, linen, lace & organza ribbon
Notions used:

January 20, 2012 – A new dress!

I decided that for this year’s Costume Ball, I wanted to make a robe a l’anglaise, with the option to pull the overskirt up polonaise style. Once I had the design down (and that was no easy task, trying to decide which 18th century gown on my list I was going to make), I had the hard task of trying to find fabric. I knew that I wanted a print, but as to color and style, I was at a lose. The fabric I picked is pictured above. I had actually looked at this fabric on line, and dismissed it. But, when PJ picked it up in the store, I fell in love. It may not be exactly period (the one that I did find that was period correct was $17.99/yd – on sale!), but I love it just the same. It is 100% cotton, and I had to go to 2 stores to get the little over 7 1/2 yds that I got. I picked a solid fabric for the petticoat that matched the burgundy of the print exactly. I will be going back later (or ordering on line if I have to), and getting more of the printed fabric to make a matching petticoat. I will be using a nice stiff twill for the interlining, and some natural linen for the lining. I have still to decide which method to employee for the polonaise option – rings, ribbons or (the cheat method) hooks and eyes. I will decide on that later. And, I haven’t decided if and how to trim the dress. That will all come as I’m creating and draping it. lol. I will be making some accessories for this gown, like a nice white fichu and cap with ribbon. I may order one of the low crown, wide brimmed straw hats that were very popular in the late 18th century. But, I will be making my husband’s 18th century costume first.

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