Jake English

This character is from a webcomic called Homestuck. He is the product of a Beta video game that unwittingly caused the destruction of Earth. Signature look: Khaki shorts, white t-shirt with a green and black partial skull on it, a jungle green button down shirt, dual thigh holsters with matching 9mm guns.

How we put this costume together:
Khaki shorts – a pair of my old shorts
T-shirt with skull graphics – plain white t-shirt found at JoAnn Fabrics on sale for $1.99, and fabric paint found on sale for $0.97 a bottle
Jungle green button down – bought at Old Navy during school shopping, with this cosplay in mind
Thigh Holsters & Guns – my husband had 1 thigh holster and 1 toy 9mm left over from an old costume

January 13, 2016 – Creating the T-shirt

Rather than waste time and money looking and purchasing a pre-made t-shirt, I decided that I would just make it. When Annie asked me how I was going to do that, I gave her two options: 1) use felt to create it, and then sew it to a t-shirt, or 2) paint it on. She opted for me to paint it on. I had her send me the graphic that she wanted, and once I saw it, I knew it would be a breeze:

IMG_7805 (1)

When I printed it out, it was almost the size of the paper, so I slapped it on the copier and reduced it by 25%. This brought it down to the perfect size. I found a paint brush the width of the black outline, so I cut out green part, then cut the eyes and nose from that.


I laid the green part on the t-shirt in the position needed.


I then held the paper down, and used the paint brush to paint the outline, and then the eyes and nose.


Then, I peeled the paper off of the shirt, and used a wider brush to start filling in the green portion.


Here is the finished graphic, while some of the paint was still wet:


After letting the paint dry overnight, I followed the directions to steam set the paint.


And, there you have it! One hand painted t-shirt for a Jake English cosplay.

Photos of completed costume to come soon!