Retro Tipsy Tea: 1950’s Hat

Date Started: May 17, 2012
Date Finished: May 17, 2012
Pattern Used: Vogue V8052
Materials Used: Poly Shantung, Organza, Millenery Netting
Notions: 22 gauge wire, bias tape, cotton dish cloth yarn


May 17, 2012 – A one day hat

For the upcoming EP Tipsy Tea, I needed a retro style hat. I opted to use V8052 from Vogue. View A was the style I settled on. I picked up one and a half yards of black shantung, 1 yard of black organza, 1 pkg of black bias tape, a couple of yards of black millenery netting, pulled out the 22 gauge wire and a ball of white dish cloth cotton (to substitute for the piping). I traced out the pattern a few days ago, and cut the fabric last night. I got started on it bright and early this morning, taking my time (and a few breaks here and there for lunch and to pick up kids from school), and finished late this afternoon. I made half of the flower petals out of shantung, and the other half out of the organza. The flowers were made out of the organza. I mostly followed the directions, but when it came to the final placement of the flowers and flower petals, I just put them where I wanted them. After getting everything in place, I tacked down all the petals, so they don’t ruffle around in the breeze. Now, I just need to pick up a couple of small combs to stitch to the underside, that way the hats stays on my head. All in all, I am very pleased with the out come.

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