Victorian Undergarments – Late Bustle Era

Patterns Used: Laughing Moon LM#100, Truly Victorian TV101, Truly Victorian TV170
Material Used: Brocade Satin, Poly/Cotton Broad cloth
Notions: Steel Busk, Grommets, Corset Lacing, Zip Ties for boning, Skirt Hooks, Lace, Bias Tape

Costume Cost Break Down
Laughing Moon LM#100 – $0.00 (purchased previously)
Truly Victorian TV170 – $0.00 (purchased previously)
Truly Victorian TV101 – $14.50
Standard 12″ steel busk – $13.50
Grommets & Washers – $10.00 for a gross
8 yds flat corset lacing in black – $5.20


August 24, 2016 – A long time in the planning

This is a costume that I started planning in 2013. The idea came about when Miss PJ, Miss Elma and myself discussed making jewel toned Victorian costumes. We cooked this up over cocktails and lunch in the former Jury Room tavern. The plan was to make them up over the summer, and then re-visit the Jury Room that fall for another lunch with cocktails, and a mini photo shoot. But, as is life, everything got delayed. Earlier this year, I started purchasing everything I needed to start. So far I have picked up the brocade satin, most of the broadcloth, the corset busk, grommets, lacing, lace and satin trim for the corset, the pre-cut bustle wires from Truly Victorian, and started buying the lace trim I want for the bustle and petticoat. As soon as I finished off the Regency sewing I currently have going on, I will be starting in in the undergarments. Yay!

November 2, 2016 – Slow moving project!

As always, life has been slowing me down on my sewing projects. Especially since my mother-in-law decided to move to South Carolina, and we have taken on some of the family heirloom furniture. That has caused several weekends and week day evenings of moving, cleaning, purging old stuff, and getting the new stuff in place. It as all delayed the cleaning and purging of unwanted furniture from the sewing room, by 5 weeks, so far. But, I hope to get it all taken care of soon, so I can at least start by the end of the month.

January 2, 2018 – Life changes everything!

I am finally hoping to get started on this project. After the events of the past year put a halt to all recreational projects, I could really use to creative costume work. I have some time off of work coming up, and would love to put it to good use. Most of the patterns for this project are already cut out, so that will cut done on none sewing time. Maybe in the week and half before my time off, I’ll be able to trace the final pattern needed. I can’t wait time get this finished.