1720-1790 Georgian Stays

Started: January 15, 2011
Finished: February 17, 2011
Pattern used: Mantua-Maker’s 1720-1790 Georgian Stays
Materials used: mattress ticking, canvas, flannel, corduroy,bias tape

Let me start by saying that I love Mantua-Maker patterns. I had used the Regency pattern for a previous costume, and loved the way the pattern went together. This pattern was no exception. As a matter of fact, I think this one went together even better.  Another reason why I love these patterns is that when you purchase it, you get all of the sizes. This helps greatly, as Katie (my teenaged daughter) usually wants to make the same pattern.

I started by tracing the pattern out on wax paper. This made it much easier to see the different sizes, and keeps the pattern in pristine condition.

For material, I used a layer of stiff matress ticking for the crash layer, 2 layers of canvas for the tow layers, for the cover fabric I used some reclaimed corduroy, and for the lining I used some reclaimed flannel. The corduroy was a deep grey color, and the flannel is a camel color. I used a hunter green bias tape for the binding, as it matched the color of my dress.

I did not make the shoulder straps for this set of stays. I felt it would be more comfortable without them. Even though this was my first set of fully boned stays, I had fun making them. Besides hand sewing the bias tape, the longest part was marking and sewing the boning channels. As I used chalk to mark the channels, I would only marks 5 or 6, sew them, and then move on the the next 5 or 6. As lengthy as this process was, it was still fun.

Once I had the boning channels finished, I was able to start the process of cutting the boning material I used. This process was a little time consuming, but had a beautiful finish, even if it was a little hard on the hands. lol.

For the next step, I started the bias tape across the top of the stays. As I started to run close on time for the dress, I went a head and added the grommets up the back, just so I could put it on to get the  measurements for my dress. I did go back and work in the bias tape in my spare time in the evenings, and during some lunch hours. lol. I still need to take a photo of the fully finished stays to post. Hopefully, I will get to that soon. 🙂

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