18th Century

I have always been facinated with the 18th century. The events of this century were many and fantastic. They either made or broke countries. There were many political changes during this time frame. However, this time frame saw very little in the way of change in fashion, compared to other centuries. I have decided to undertake the making of some of these garments to better understand how the men and women of this century lived, functioned and dressed. I will be adding some of my findings to this page as I discover them.

1770’s Polonaise – This dress has intrigued me for over a decade. I finally got my chance to make it.

Annie’s Federal Ball Gown – I modified a commerical pattern to make an 18th century inspired gown for my youngest.

1720-1790 Georgian Stays – My first set of fully boned stays.

Mini Martha Washington – This dress was made for a co-workers daughter to barrow.

18th Century Riding Habit – This costume was started for my oldest daughter, and inspired by Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1.

18th Century Undergarments – My ever growing 18th century undergarment collection.

18th Century Men’s Outfit – The outfit my tolerant husband let me make for him.

18th Century Robe a l’anglaise – An ongoing project for some fabric that I fell in love with.

18th Century Robe a l’anglaise #2 – A quickie costume that I love!

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