The Boom Era (1950’s)

B5556 - photo courtesy of Butterick
B5556 – photo courtesy of Butterick

In the 1950’s was known as Boom Era, because there were “booms” in the post-World War II society. The “boom” of the economy led to “booms” in the growing suburbs, and a “boom” in babies. By the time the Baby Boom tapered off, there were 77 million “Baby Boomers”. With great prosperity and peace expected, society flourished, and the women that filled the jobs of the GI’s off to war were encouraged to leave the work force and settle back into the domestic bliss of being a house wife. The booming economy led to such fashion changes as more abundant skirts, which were supported by crinoline underskirts. These “booms” and abundant skirts showed that life was much better in the post-war years, as there was no longer a need to ration things, such as dress material. This era also saw the birth of such fashions as the Poodle Skirt and girls that wore jeans and Bobby Sox.

Here is where I will explore the 1950’s through fashion, as well as links to some of my favorite sites. Please enjoy!

Retro Tipsy Tea: 1950’s Dress – Having made some garments from the 1950’s, here is where I dive back in to make a reproduction dress.

Retro Tipsy Tea: 1950’s Hat – Having made hats in the past, here is where I try my hand at millinery from the 1950’s

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