18th Century Riding Habit

Date Started: March 10, 2012
Date Finished:
Pattern Used: Drafted from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1 & Simplicity 4923
Material Used: Corduroy
Notions: buttons, gold braided trim, twill tape

March 5, 2012 – Something new!

Katie decided that she wanted a riding habit for the costume ball this year, but as long as it was taking me to get the fabric, I decided it may be better if I just made it for here. She agreed. lol.  I will be draft the pattern from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1. Katie’s favorite color is purple, so we picked out a lovely blackberry colored fine corduroy for her jacket, using some leftover black corduroy for the collar, cuffs and any accents. She have picked out antique looking gold buttons with crests on them, and I will mostly use black broadcloth for her petticoat. I need to get cracking, as I only have a couple of weeks left to get it all done. lol. Here’s a pic of the corduroy:

March 12, 2012 – Off and running!

Saturday morning, I went down with the intentions of working on my dress to get it finished up, but it had other plans. I was grumpy, and it wasn’t cooperating with me. So, I started on Katie’s riding habit. I started with the easy part. Her black petticoat. Since we made a trip out Thursday to make sure we had everything, including her boots, I was able to get something done that would be willing to work with me. lol. While working on that, I tossed the bleached muslin into the washer and then the dryer, to pre-shrink. For her petticoat, I make the basic. I but 4 lengths of black broadcloth to 1 and 1/2 yds each, seamed 2 together for the front, and 2 for the back. Then seamed the sides, leaving the space at the top for the pocket openings, and attached to the black twill for the waistband ties. Then, I decided to use Simplicity 4923 for her shirt. I traced out a size medium, got the pattern pieces cut out and called it a day. Sunday morning, after a quick jaunt to JoAnn’s with Miss PJ and Katie, it was back to the house to start on the shirt. It took forever to iron the muslin, but this 10 yds to iron, it will take awhile. Once I was able to get the shirt cut out, it took no time to put together. I did have to alter it a bit, after having Katie try it on. The should seams sat way too low. So, I took the sleeves off and trimmed it up. Once, I got the sleeves back on, and the shirt finished, it looked great. I used small gold buttons for the sleeve cuffs, and Katie picked a thin lavender ribbon for me to sew to the front opening for closures. I love this pattern, and will be using it more often. I also like that it has a built in sleeve/pit gusset. Here is a quick peek at her shirt:

Next up will be the cravat/jabot. Then, on to the drafting of the jacket. I really need to get on this, as the Ball is the 24th!

March 14th, 2012 – Shut the front door, there’s a draft!

So, I skipped working on the jabot, and went in for the kill on drafting the jacket. I started off with the basic shape, based on the example in JA’s Patterns of Fashion 1. How ever, once we got the mock up on Katie, we altered it from there. I restructered the paper pieces, based on the changes marked and made on the mock up. Then, I had to call it a night. I had a pounding headache so bad that I almost couldn’t see straight. I’ll be back at it tonight, creating the second mock up to see how the pattern is working after the adjustments.

Before we left the sewing room, however, I tried my large petal pad on Katie with her puffer and black petticoat. All I can say is, “Baby got back!” lol. I think that bum pad is too large, and will be trying one of the others on her this evening.

March 10th, 2015 – He’s dead, Jim!

Well, it’s three years later, and clearly this is a dead project. Since the start of the project, Katie has graduated from high school, went off to college, and moved to another city. We still have everything waiting, in case she ever wants me to revive it. But, otherwise, my Trekkie update title says it all. lol.

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