Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1: 1660-1860

I was hesitant to order this book, at first. When I did finally work up the nerve to order it, I mistakenly ordered  her first book, Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620. When I did receive the book ordered by mistake, I knew I had to order the correct book immediately. JA’s books are such a wealth of knowledge. Every time I pick one up, I learn something new, and I have a hard time putting it back down. I look forward to modeling many of my costumes after her research.

Patterns Reviews (in the order they were made)

Drop Front Regency Dress

Morning Dress (1798-1805) Salisbury Museum (pp. 48-49)


I have wanted to make a drop-front Regency dress for a while. I based my dress off of the dress on pages 48 & 49. I used a fabric that is 100% cotton, that has pale blue primerose printed all over it. For this I drafted the main portions of the bodice pattern on paper, and used a white poly/cotton broad cloth for the mock up. The mock up became the lining for the bodice. I did draft a different sleeve than the one in the book, basing my sleeve off of the one from Simplicity # 4055. Instead of making rows of diagonal tucks on the “bib” portion, I cut the “bib” longer than the mock up piece, and gathered it slightly. I did place all the pleats of the skirt to fit within the center back bodice piece, which gives the appearance of a slight train to the back of the skirts. As an added piece to the dress, I made a simple apron that ties around the “waist” of the gown.

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