Bliaut with Corsage

Pattern from: Patterns for Theatrical Costumes by Katherine Strand Holkeboer
Started July 6, 2008
Finished July 18, 2008 – Gown and Corsage constructions
Material used: broadcloth and pre-quilted cotton

This is a costume that I started with the intention of wear to Great Lakes Medieval Faire. I completed the gown and corsage, but did not finish the embellishments. Due to the heat, I never wore the gown. A few weeks ago, I decided to finish the outfit how I had originally intended it to look. I have added the braided trim the neck line and bottom of the corsage, and am in the process of adding black glass beads. I will be looking for an embroidered trim to make a belt with. Here are some of the progress photos:

March 1st, 2011 – To date, I am still not finished with the beading. I have placed this last bit of detailing aside for many other projects. Maybe it’s time to finish it?

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