1950’s Tea Revisit: 2016 Tipsy Tea

Date Started: May 14, 2016
Date Finished: May 25, 2016
Pattern Used: Butterick B6055
Materials: Gertie’s Fabric Collection
Notions: 12″-14″ invisible zipper

Costume Cost Breakdown:
Butterick – $1.99 on sale at JoAnn’s
Gertie’s Fabric Collection Blue Hibiscus 6yds – $53.94 on sale 40% off at JoAnn’s
1 12″-14″ invisible zipper – $1.19 with 50% coupon at JoAnn’s
Black cone of thread – from current stock
Heels – $16.66 on Amazon
Fishnet stockings with seam – $6.00 on Amazon
Vintage clutch handbag – $13.99 on Amazon
Black satin tea gloves – $7.99 on Amazon
Blue voile crinoline – $12.99 on Amazon
Hat – $7.98 at Walmart (notions to alter hat from current stock)
Total cost of this costume – $114.75
Total time spent on this costume – approx. 16 hours

April 8, 2016 – Time for a revisit!

Since 2010, we’ve had a tradition of holding “Tea Party” (and I use the term loosely, as we start in a pub with appetizer and cocktails, before going back to the hostess’ house for a luncheon, tea, and more cocktails) or “Tipsy Tea” in May, typically the weekend after Mother’s Day, but we reschedule as we need to. So, for this years’ Tipsy Tea, we have decided to revisit the 1950’s theme. We had a great time in 2012, and decided we needed to break out the bullet bras and crinolines, again. I had contemplated on just wearing the first dress again, but thought it would be fun to make a new one. So, I have decided on using Butterick B6055. After looking over the design, I realized that it was very similar to the previous pattern I used, which may be why I’m drawn it. The only difference is the short sleeves, and the external pockets. For this dress, I am thinking of using Gertie’s black sateen tropical print fabric for it. I have yet to decide if I want to make the pockets from the same fabric, or use a solid blue or black for them. I have thinking of making a blue crinoline, edged in black ribbon to go with this dress. I have yet to decide it I want to make a new hat, or if I want to dust off the other one and re-wear it. We have 1 month and 1 week until the tea, so we’ll see. 😉

May 20, 2016 – Crunch Time!

So, I did decide on Gertie’s fabric I was debating on, and while I bought the tulle I needed to make a new crinoline, I cheated and ordered one on Amazon, along with a vintage style handbag, a pair of black satin tea gloves, a new pair of vintage style heels, and a pair of nude colored fishnet stockings with the seam up the back. Oops! lol. I still need to decide if I want to make a new hat, or buy a large, black sunhat and dress it up. Most likely the latter. lol.

Gertie's Tropical Sateen fabric and Butterick B6055
Gertie’s Tropical Sateen fabric and Butterick B6055

We started working on these dress last Saturday, by cutting out the patterns after I got off of work. On Sunday, after a trip to the fabric store for more of PJ’s fabric, we got started on cutting the fabric.

This is what a ping-pong table is really for
This is what a ping-pong table is really for

By the time we stopped for the evening, I had the bodice together. After a couple of evenings that I couldn’t work on it, I was finally able to make some progress last night. I tweeked the fit of the bodice, got the pockets sewn, the skirt panels together, the pockets on the skirt, and the skirt attached to the bodice. I just need to insert the zipper, hem the sleeves, and the bottom of the skirts. I hope to finish this up tomorrow, so I can work on hats and help others on Sunday. I can’t until next weekend when we all go out. It’s going to be so fun! YAY!

June 13, 2016 – All over way too quickly!

I must say, this dress went together quickly and like a dream. I did run out of time and decided to just wear the hat from the last 1950’s event. It worked out perfectly, as I made one just like it for Miss PJ in ivory this year, and we were twinsies. lol. For my finally review, I cut out a size 22 (the largest size) to fit my ample figure, and the only adjustments that I made was to use half of the seam allowance and dart allowance, just to give myself a bit of extra room. I love this dress. The combination of the pattern and fabric was wonderful. Now, I just need to find more reasons to wear it. I would wear it to work, but I work in a warehouse and have to drive a forklift. Maybe I’ll talk a few of the other ladies in to dressing back up and visiting the 1950’s exhibit at the Ohio Historical Center. That would be so much fun. Anywhoo! Here are more photos of the dress in action:




Lily, PJ, me and Elma
Lily, PJ, me and Elma