Annie’s Federal Ball Gown

Annie’s Federal Ball Gown

Pattern: McCall’s M5414 (heavily modified)
Started: January 22, 2011
Finished: February 18, 2011
Materials: poly/cotton broadcloth, satin ribbon, lace trim, and hook & eyes (for closures)

I made this gown for Annie to wear to The Emerald Parlor’s 1st Annual Costume Ball. I used McCall’s M5414 for this, and I only used the bodice pieces. I did use the full pattern last year, when I made a quick dress for Annie to wear in a small school play. At that time, I followed the instructions to get a feel for it, and decided that when the time came, I would only use only the bodice and construct the gown in a more traditional fashion. The pattern calls for a zipper down the center back. I made this gown opening in the center front with hook & eye closures. I draped the overskirt to the bodice, and made a seperate petticoat. I made the sleeves elbow length, and hand tacked on trim. I did do a small decorative stitch around the hem of the overskirt and petticoat. The only thing off about this pattern is the sizing. Per Annie’s measurements, she should be in a 10-12. I made 7-8 and still had room to take it in to fit properly. I had the main construction of this gown and petticoat done in one day, and trimmed it just a few days before the ball. This is, by far, my favorite gown I have made for Annie. So far! 🙂 I will be using the bodice pattern again for the “Mini-Martha” project I have coming up.

Edited to add additional photo of this dress:


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