Girls Sun Dresses

Date Started: June 6, 2012
Date Finished: June 15, 2012
Pattern Used: McCall’s M5574
Mateial Used: Cotton Print
Notions: Elastic and ribbon for trim

June 7, 2012 – Double Mint Twins

This year, we have decided to do something for the EP with the group that isn’t costuming. We found a yearly lavender festival here in Ohio, and we have decided to make sun dresses for it. Katie won’t be attending (as she wants to spend time with her dad for Father’s Day), but Annie will, as will my niece Rose. So, I will be making dresses for both girls. I have picked M5574 View A for them, along with some fun fabric.

As you can see in the photo above, I picked Daisy fabric. The pink is for Annie (she specifically asked for pink fabric), and the blue is for Rose. I wanted the to match, but in different colors. I picked up some ruffle edged ribbon for trim, and I will be using some bleached muslin for the bodice lining. I did manage to get the fabric washed and dried last night. I still need to get a length of bleach muslin cut for washing and drying. I need to iron all the fabric, and I still need to trace the pattern. I hope to get it done this weekend, especially since I’ll be making my own dress as well and the festival is on Sunday June 17th. So, here’s crossing my fingers! But, seriously. They are easy dresses, I should have them done in no time.

June 12, 2012 –  Almost to the finish line

On Saturday, I was only able to get the patterns traced (size 14 for Annie and size 16 for Rose). The rest of the day was spent either helping Miss PJ, or in the black hole that is the local Big Box store. lol. On Sunday, the magic happened. Well, for the most part. I had 3 dresses that I wanted to get together by the end of day, and it almost happened. I did get Annie’s done to the point of just needing the lining tacked down, the ribbon trim sewn on, and the skirts hemmed. As for the dress for Rose, well…. I was working on the bodice, had not ate all day, it was approaching 8pm, and I attached a part to the wrong side. So, I set it aside until after work yesterday. Due to my laziness, I only got as far as getting the skirts together, and the bodice to the point where the lining just needs to be sewn to the outside. Hopefully, I can get it all put together tonight, and then it’s just hand sewing from there.

June 26, 2012 – They had a field day!

I got both dresses done with  a little time to spare. lol. They came out wonderfully, and they fit both girls nicely. Even though Rose was a bit to shy to change into her dress after getting to the festival, she did wear it after she got home. This pattern was such a great hit with Annie, she has asked me to make her another dress from this pattern, but in one of the other styles. I already have some cotton fabric in her favorite color (green), and I’ll be finding time soon to get that made. All in all, another great sewing project! 😉

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