Bay Window Curtains

Date Started: Spring 2009
Date Finished:
Pattern Used: None
Material Used: Cotton Keepsake Calico
Notions: Ribbon

I really don’t like curtains, I would much rather just have a nice window blind. But, we have a bay window in that connects the kitchen and the living room section in our greatroom. The windows are not standard size, so finding blinds to fit is a bit of a challenge. I had decided to make cafe curtains, and to use extra-extra large grommets. Well, I didn’t have enough grommets, I got distracted, the sewing room was moved from the main floor to the basement, the curtain panels I have made were misplaced….. You know how it goes. When I rearranged the greatroom, it became clear that I had to find them, and get them put in place. Since I was still lacking in the grommet department, I had to find another solution to get these hung up, and I didn’t want to just run some bias tape on the back for a rod sleeve. The solution: ribbon tabs! As you can see in the photo above, I have the bottom half of the curtains hung up. I still need to get the tension rods for the top of the windows, but they are otherwise done. I will post a photo once those are in place, which will hopefully be later this week.

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