Regency Undergarments

Date Started: July 27, 2011
Date Finished: August 13, 2011
Patterns Used: Chemise by Sense & Sensibility; Long Stays by Mantua-Maker
Material: Natural Linen
Notions: bias tape, ribbon, zip bones and grommets

July 28, 2011 – A new set of undergarments

I decided that I wanted a new set of undergarments for this year’s picnic, and I have a lovely bolt of natural linen just calling my name. I have cut and pre-shrunk about 6 yds to make a new chemise and a new set of long stays with. This year, my stays will not have straps. I hope to get started on the chemise tomorrow evening.





August 8, 2011 – Lots of progress

I was able to get my chemise done on Sunday, July 31st, from beginning to end. I popped Last of the Mohicans into the dvd player and got down to work, while I was waiting for PJ to join me. I finished the chemise before she got there. I would say that from beginning to end, it took me 3 hours, and that included flat felling all the seams. I did decided to do the “pit” gusset the same way Angie did her’s, last year. It made doing the gussets much easier. Once PJ arrived, I helped her get her stays started, as she has never made a set of Regency stays before. Last Monday, I got my stays started, by cutting out two layers of linen. I was going to make all three layers out of the linen, but I decided that my stays would not have given me the support that I need. And, with a week of doing the “Summer Band Shuffle”, I didn’t make it to JoAnn’s until Saturday around 1 o’clock. Once I got home, I got the last layer cut out, just as PJ arrived. I got all the layers sewn on Saturday. On Sunday, I got the layers lined up and sewn together, the zip boning in, enough grommets in to try it on, and the bias tape sewn on across the top. Now, I had intended to use the drill as the interlining for my stays, with a layer of linen for both the cover and lining. But…. The drill layer looked so pretty once it was sewn, that I just had to use it for the cover. I must also say that this year’s stays are turning out waaaaaay better than last year’s, by far. Tonight, I will be driving the rest of the grommets, as I don’t think I will be cutting any off of the bottom, and adding a few extra boning channels to reinforce the back seam and the center back, where my stays buckle due to my ample backside. I will also be cutting a new busk for this set of stays. Once I get all of that done, I can seal it up with bias tape across the bottom. More pics to follow!

June 30, 2016 – Finally!

It’s only taken me 5 years, but I have finally remembered to look for the finished photos of these stays. And, I must admit, these are my favorite pair of Regency stays, by far! These fit very well, and after the years of just being tossed around in my laundry room, they are still in awesome condition. I definitely made the right choice of putting the drill as the outer layer.

Near completion. Just need the bias binding.
The finished product

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