Patterns for Theatrical Costumes (Holkeboer)

We discovered this book at the public library in 1998. As it covers just about every era, it was a wealth of information in those early days. We deemed this book “the costume bible”. To this day, I still have at least one copy in my home.

(Listed in order by era)

Mid-12th Century Bliaut

Mid-12th Century Bliaut

Recommended (page 78)

This is a very simple, loose gown with a train at the back of the gown. I made this gown out of flannel with the intention of wear it for an outdoor Halloween party. Sadly, I have never worn this gown, it has hung in the closet since it was drafted and made in October of 2001. The only thing I did not do, as recommended by the book, was to do three gathers at the top of the sleeves.

Mid-12th Century Corsage

Mid-12th Century Corsage

Recommended (page 79 – variation # 3)

As described in the book, a corsage is a “tight-fitting vest laced up the back; worn over bliaut”. This corsage was also made in October 2001. I made this one using pre-quilted cotton fabric, lined it with the flannel, used green braided trim around the neck, and hand beaded it with faux pearls. I am very satisfied with this costume piece, so much so that I have since made four more.

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