Costume Project Wish List – Updated 1/2/18

Here is a list of the Costume I hope to eventually make:

Regency Ball Gown

Regency Wrap DressCompleted for 3rd Annual Regency Picnic

Regency Bib-front Gown    Completed for 2nd Annual Regency Picnic

Regency Cross-front Dress in White – Completed for 4th Annual Regency Picnic

1860’s  Day Gown

1860’s Sheer Dress – material purchased

1861 Garibaldi shirt with skirt and Swiss Waist

1860’s  Ball Gown

1860’s Mourning Gown

1859 Double Skirt and Pagoda Bodice

1845 German Day Dress

1854 Gathered Dress

1950’s Cocktail DressCompleted for 3rd Annual Tipsy Tea

Tudor Gown – In the planning stages

Elizabethan Gown

1770’s Polonaise   Completed for 1st Annual Costume Ball

1873 Victorian Polonaise

1881 Natural Form Gown    Completed for 2nd Annual Ladies Tipsy Tea

Victorian Ball Gown

Edwardian Tea Gown

Romantic Day Gown

Victorian Cotton Day DressCompleted 9/30/11 for the Old West Festival

Victorian Bathing Suit

Victorian Bustle Day Dress – In planning phase for late 2018

Victorian Bustle Evening Gown – In planning phase for late 2018

Federal/Colonial Caraco and petticoat

1883 Victorian Riding Habit

LotR Arwen’s Red & Black Gown

1920’s Jazz Baby Dress

Early 12th Century Gown w/ veil (from Costume Bible)

Late 12th Century Gown w/ peliçon (w/ fur lined sleeves – from Costume Bible)

Early 14th Century Under Gown w/ Sideless Gown (from Costume Bible)

Mid 14th Century Cotehardie w/ Kirtle (from Costume Bible)

Late 14th Century Kirtle w/ Fur Lined Sideless Gown (from Costume Bible)

Early 15th Century Houppelande (from Costume Bible)

Late 15th Century Fur Trimmed Kirtle (from Costume Bible)

Early 17th Century Cavalier Gown (from Costume Bible)

Federal/Colonial Era Riding Habit

Regency Era Riding Habit

Regency Half Robe with underdress – In Progress – 75% finished

Regency Open Robe with underdress

Regency Plaid Half Robe (inspired by Regency fashion plate)

Regency Jumper with shirt

Titanic Deck Dress

1920’s linen dress

1950’s Weekend Wardrobe/Resort Wardrobe

1940’s Pant Suit

Edwardian Walking Suit (based on 1912) – Materials purchased & nearing construction phase 

Edwardian Undergarments – Nearly completed, just need to make corset

Curtain-Along Dress – Most of the material purchased

1887 Victorian Late Bustle Mourning Dress – In Planning Phase 

Victorian Bustle Undergarments – In Planning Phase

Victorian Bustle Undergarments in all black – In Planning Phase for 2018

1950’s Christmas Dress – 75% finished

1950’s Winter Coat – In Planning Phase 

1880’s Christmas dress trimmed in faux fur

Hand Embroidered 18th Century pockets

Edwardian Blouse and Skirt circa 1902 to 1910

Regency Spencer

Regency Pelisse

Regency Dress made with a Sari

Edwardian Dress made with a Sari

18th Century chemise a la reine

18th Century Pet en L’Air with petticoat

18th Pierrot Jacket with petticoat


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