Retro Tipsy Tea: 1950’s Dress

Date Started: April 22, 2012
Date Finished:
Pattern Used: Butterick B5556
Material Used: Shantung, cotton, netting
Notions: 1- 12″ hidden zipper, ribbon

April 27, 2012 – Netting, netting, everywhere!

I started on the crinoline for my Tipsy Tea dress this past Sunday. Since Katie is allowed to join us this year, and she is making her own dress, I had to cut out double the netting for crinolines. Good thing I ordered a 40 yd bolt of 72″ wide black netting. Since there were three of us working, I only got as far as getting getting everything cut, and part of it sewn. I had hoped to get the rest finished so I could start on my dress pattern this weekend, but that didn’t exactly happen. Well, I don’t have much left on it, and hope to have it finished in quick order.

April 30, 2012 – Getting somewhere

I was able to finish my crinoline this past weekend. Still not sure if I’m satisfied with the length of it. I won’t know for use until I have the skirts put together. I also managed to trace most of the pattern, especially the bodice pieces. I have set my sewing aside to help Katie get her dress and crinoline finished in time for a band banquet this Saturday. Then, on Sunday, it’s back to working on mine. I can’t to get this finished. This round of costumes really has me excited.

May 14, 2012 – Finish line in sight!

Things are moving along nicely. After I made a mock up of the bodice on May 6th. After determining that I had the size right, I got every thing cut out, and got the bodice lining put together. This past weekend, I put every thing aside to help PJ. She had decided that she needed a second crinoline, to poof out her skirts. I did spend my Mother’s day working on my dress. I was able to get almost all of it done. The dress is currently hanging on Jane for the hem to “fall out” before I do the actual hem. I still need to make the belt, and I have a pattern for a hat that I will be working on. Other than that, I just need to pick up some black panty hose with a seam up the back, riffle my closet for a handbag, and decide how I want my hair styled. I’m really getting excited! I can’t wait till all of us ladies are dressed up and out on the town.

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