1916 Suit

Start Date: April 23, 2016
Finish Date: May 13, 2016
Patterns Used: Wearing History 1910’s Suit & Wearing History Elsie 1910’s Blouse
Materials Used:Wool Suiting, cotton
Notions Used: Buttons, ribbon

Costume Cost Breakdown:
Wearing History 1910’s Suit ePattern – $16.00
Wearing History Elsie 1910’s Blouse ePattern – $9.99

Gray wool suiting 2 1/2 yds- Free, gifted to me
Cranberry wool suiting 3 yds- Free, gifted to me
Plaid wool suiting 2 1/2 yds- Free, gifted to me
White cotton w/ embroidered design 3 yds- $15.75 at Hobby Lobby at 40% off
Skirt & Jacket buttons – $13.90 on eBay
Blouse buttons – $3.00 at JoAnn Fabrics
3″ wide, heavy ribbon for skirt waistband 4 yd spool- $2.00 at Hobby Lobby at 50% off
White cone thread used for inside seams – from my current stock
Cranberry thread used for finished seams – Free, came with the wool suiting
Vintage style heels – $38.37 on Amazon
Total cost of this costume: $99.01
Total time spent on this costume – 51 hours

April 20, 2016 – The project that hijacked my sewing mojo

This project started with a gift of some quality wool. The kind of wool that can’t be found in the fabric stores anymore. After receiving it, my brain just wouldn’t stop spinning until I figured out what to use it for. Well, there were several pieces in there that were large enough to be used for something, and after several days of thinking, it hit me what I could do with it…. Wearing History’s 1910’s Suit! So, I bought the e-pattern, along with the Elsie 1910’s Blouse, thinking that I would be able to just let it all sit until I had several other projects done. But, this project apparently has a mind of it’s own. It has hijacked my creative mojo, to the point that I just can’t think of any other projects until this one is done. I have started taping all of the pattern pages together, so I can cut it all out, and lay out the pattern pieces on the wool to make sure there is enough. (If there isn’t enough there, I do have some linen in my fabric stash that I can use. And, I may just make another suit later with the lined, for a summer suit.) I started taping it together last night, and this evening got all of the jacket pieces together and fully cut out. I started on the skirt pieces, and only made it 15 pages into it, before running out tape. I’ll be getting more tape tomorrow, so I can finish that part off after work. With all of that progress, I still have a few decisions to make, such as: which collar to make, what buttons to use, whether to make the front of of the skirt button all the way down or just the button placket at the top, and if I should line the jacket or not. I do need to pick up some bias tape for the seam bindings if I don’t line it. Oh! And, I still need to decide on what material to use for the blouse, but that will be decided once I figure out if the wool will work, or if I’ll be using the linen.

May 3, 2016 – Full Steam Ahead!

After getting the patterns completely together and cut out, I found that I did in fact have enough of the wool I picked out to use.





I picked three different fabrics for make blouses with.


I got a pretty good start on cutting out the suit on April 23rd. I got the blouse cut out and started working on it on April 27th. Let me just say, Lauren of Wearing History wasn’t kidding when she said in the instructions that you need intermediate sewing skills and basic garment construction knowledge, and that there are only minimal sewing instructions. Good thing I’ve been at this off and on for almost 20 years. lol. I started with the blouse, so it was very basic construction. It turned out lovely, especially in the cotton fabric that I picked for it. The only issue I had with the blouse is that I cut the largest size, due to my bust size, and found that the cuffs were way too large. After cutting a mock up of the smallest size, and finding it was perfect, I removed the cuffs, cut them down, got them sewn back up and back onto the blouse.


I am really liking the pattern and fabric combination.


The photo above shows the buttons pinned into place. On Sunday, I packed up and went to PJ’s to sew. I was able to just about finish the blouse. I got the button holes down the front done, and got the buttons sewn on. I decided that I wanted smaller buttons for the cuffs, so that is waiting until I can get back to the fabric store to get smaller, matching buttons. After setting the blouse aside, I got started on the skirt:


I have decided that I will make it so the skirt buttons all the way down. Once I got the skirt pieces together, and the internal waistband cut, we set all of our sewing aside for dinner, and a bit of visiting. When I got home, later in the evening, I got the waistband into the skirt. Then got the blouse and skirt on to Jane.


Yesterday, after work, I was able to get the decorative belt sewn, and pinned on to the skirt.


I was lucky and found some buttons on eBay for cheap. They should arrive by Friday. I made sure there is enough for the skirt, jacket and both belts. All that is left is to sew together the jacket, and attach all the buttons when they arrive.

May 16, 2016 – Stick a fork in it!

I have finished this project! Yay! While I love the patterns and the material I used, it kept me from working on other projects that have deadlines. On Mother’s Day, I finished up the jacket, but didn’t get to the buttonholes and buttons until about last Wednesday. The only that held me back from marking this project complete was the buttons on the cuffs of the blouse. I hit the fabric store on Friday night, came home with dinner, and finished it up at eating. On Saturday, I had wanted to take photos before heading into work at my friend’s shop, but my hair dryer blew up, or so I thought. So, I got basic photos taken after work, and before heading over to PJ’s. I will have to take better photos later, as these were rushed.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that these were taken in a rush. I did not have time to do makeup or fix my hair. I am not wearing a period correct corset (as I still need to make it, lol), while I did have on my Princess Slip, Edwardian petticoat and camisole, I am wearing modern undergarments. And, I couldn’t find a hat that would work with this costume. So, please forgive the frumpiness! Thank you!