18th Century Robe a l’anglaise #2

Period Impressions 1770's Polonaise
Period Impressions 1770’s Polonaise

Date Started: October 23, 2013
Date Finished: October 23, 2013
Pattern used:Period Impressions 1770’s Polonaise
Material used: cotton, lace & organza ribbon
Notions used: Hook and eyes, skirt hook



January 7, 2016 – Catch up Post!

I can’t believe I missed making a page for this costume. It was a quickie, throw together for a Halloween party in 2013. I hit the fabric store to find some cotton fabric to work with, and I found a lovely, pale blue damask print. I picked up some white cotton for the petticoat, and a broad lace for the sleeve trim. Even with a developing cold, I managed to pull off a passable costume. I got lots of compliments at the party.


I know the print seems kind of cheesy, and no where near historic, but I do like it. Jane even pitched in to do her part with this project, even if she was a little drunk on the job. lol


It really helped that I already had all the needed undergarments, which helped to pull it all together.

IMG_20131026_172812_880 (1)

I loved this pattern from the first time I saw it (around 1998), and after all these years, I still do.