Victorian Era

The Victorian Era spanned in Great Britian from 1837 to 1901, during the reign of Queen Victoria. The later half of this era coinciding with the Belle Epoque Era of Europe, and the Gilded Age of America. In Great Britian, it was an era of long peace, great prosperity, advancements and refined sensibilities. During this era, there were great advances in technology, engineering and medicine. The technological and engineering advances included stage coaches, canals, steam ships and railways allowing raw materials, merchandise and people to be transported faster from place to place. Later technological advances were cinemas, telegraphs, telephones and photography. During mid-century, the lock-stitch sewing machine was introduced, allowing for ease of garment construction at home, and in dress making boutiques. This also allowed for the easy application of layers upon layers of lace and lavish trims. New found materials allowed chemists to develop bright, cheap, new dyes that replaced the old animal and vegetable dyes.

For my garment and costuming purposes, I will be covering three time frames in this sections, spanning the years from 1869 to 1889, as well as a section for Victorian Undergarments. Where else can I show off my undergarments, and get away with it? 😉 Enjoy!


Victorian Undergarments

Early Bustle Era 1869-1876


Natural Form Era 1877-1882

Victorian Tipsy Tea Ensemble

Victorian Cotton Day Dress

Victorian Girls’ Outfit

Victorian Mens’ Old West Outfit

Late Bustle Era 1883-1889

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