Modern Driving Cape

Pattern used: Drafted
Materials: Wool and flannel
Notions: Buttons

I have wanted to make myself a cute and flirty driving cape for some time, but never got around to it. Until I came across the perfect wool in Dayton.

I wasn’t even looking for fabric that day. Then, this caught my eye. It was on sale for 50% off. It is the perfect shade of dark heather gray, with white and scarlet plaid lines, and silver thread shot throught the fabric. I picked up 4 yds. From there, I had to find a bright red flannel for the lining. I drafted up the shape and length that I wanted, and decided that I wanted to make this with a collar and removable hood. From there, I decided that I wanted the hood to button in and out. I bought some plain black buttons for the inside of the collar. After cutting and sewing this, it took me a while to decide how I wanted the closures on this. I finally decided on buttons, I just needed to pick the perfect buttons.

For this cape, I wanted something what wasn’t long enough that I would sit on it, but only long enough to come to mid-thigh when standing. I wanted it to go to my wrists when I held my arms straight out, but did want it to have an odd shape when angling toward the bottom, or to have corners. I decided to round off the corners, and it gave it a nice flow. For the collar, I didn’t want a butter-fly collar, and I didn’t want a stand up collar, either. I settled for a nice shape that lays just right. Even though the hood is removable, I didn’t want it overly large, and I didn’t want it to hug my head. I found a size that is just right.

This photo doesn’t show the buttons to their best advantage. They are very lovely in person. I put 6 large buttons down the front, and 2 small buttons on each “sleeve” part.

I still need to take some really good finished photos of this. They will be coming soon.

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