1912 Walking Suit

Butterick B6108
Butterick B6108

Patterns Used: Butterick B6108; Folkwear 205; Butterick B5370
Start Date:February 20, 2016
Finished Date:
Material Used: Plaid polyester;
Notions Used:



March 10, 2015 – Inspiration Strikes

With spring coming back, I am getting the urge to start sewing again. Admittedly, it’s been a couple of years since I lost interest in sewing and costuming. We haven’t done any of our annual costume events, and have even been skipping our costume picnics. Talking it over with Miss Elma, we decided that we wanted start up again, but that we wanted to try something new. That’s when the idea hit me to do a Downton Abbey picnic, but not just any Downton Abbey picnic. We decided that we wanted to do one from the time frame of when the show started, 1912! Well, since I was starting to sew again, I knew that there were some patterns from the major three commercial pattern companies that I have missed picking up. I found where JoAnn’s was having their monthly pattern sale this past weekend, so I make a trip…. or two. lol. In my defense, I thought I had picked up all the ones I needed from Butterick in the first trip. When I got home, I found that I hadn’t, and that the last day the Butterick patterns were on sale was also the first day that the Simplicity patterns went on sale. So, I had to make another trip. Now, in all honesty, my first choice for my costume was the draft my own skirt and blouse pattern from McCall patterns from 1912 found on CoPA, that is until I saw the alternate view of this pattern (the one above, which isn’t the one that Butterick highlights on their site). Once I saw the plaid skirt, and matching cuff and collar, it was all over but the crying. lol.  When I went back on Sunday, I went straight for this pattern, and then found my favorite sales associate (Hi Lance!). We just happened to be standing by the discount fabrics when I asked for his suggestion, and he said that the one that was perfect for me was right behind me. Sure enough, right there on the shelf directly behind was a bolt of plaid that was bright blue and medium brown, shot through with red (pictured below). Absolutely perfect! Now, I just need to find a brown suiting for the jacket, a brown satin lining for inside the jacket, and decide on the pattern and color for the shirt waist (yeah, because I don’t do the shirt bibs they provide for these costumes, I want the full ensemble). I have ordered Folkwear #226 for my slip, I will be drafting the pattern for my corset, and I will be looking for a pattern to use for the corset cover. And, since we have decided on October for the picnic, I have plenty of time to find the fabrics I want (and the coupons to help cut the cost), draft and test my patterns. I will also be trying my hand at making a pair of gloves for this costume, and I will be making my own Edwardian hat. I can’t wait! I’m so excited!

What a lovely plaid! Whatever could it be for?
What a lovely plaid! Whatever could it be for?










March 22, 2015 – Bits of research

I decided to take a break today and do a bit of research. I flipped over to my Amazon Prime Instant Watch, turned on season 1 of Downton Abbey, and after my computer did a bit of self clean up, hoped on to do some image searches. In my travels around the interwebs, I found the following image:

La Mode Illustree 1912
La Mode Illustree 1912

It’s a 1912 fashion plate (image found here) that seems to be the inspiration for the pattern that I’m using. There are a few differences, like the cuffs, the length of the jacket and the detail down the side of the skirt, but otherwise, it’s very close. And, it does inspire me that the original is in shades of brown, as brown will be the main color for my costume. Now, I just need to find the fabric for the jacket that matches the brown of the skirt. lol. But, I still have time for that. In the meantime, I am waiting for a few patterns I purchased to arrive, with as much patients as I can muster. lol. I have two coming, both are Folkwear patterns – #226 Princess Slip (OOP) found on Ebay, and #205 Gibson Girl Blouse purchased from Harper House, both to be used with this costume. I know I have some months until I start, but I want to read the instructions to get a feel for the garments. I can’t wait to get started.

April 30, 2015 – A girl loves shoe shopping

I am slowly, but surely getting all of the elements nailed down for this costume. After recently binge watching Mr. Selfridge on Amazon Prime, I am starting to like my choice of blouse pattern more and more. And, after reexamining my plaid fabric, I have found that what I thought was white, is actually an ivory to yellow color. This has made me a very happy girl, as I was more inclined to use an ivory fabric for the blouse, rather than white. Then, while discussing things with Miss Elma a few days ago, I remembered that I have an entire, unused bolt of ivory all over lace, which will work perfectly for the yoke and collar of the blouse. I am contemplating on changing the sleeve of this blouse, as I want a longer sleeve. So, I am thinking of making it a full sleeve with the straight cuff that buttons up, as was popular in the Edwardian era. If that doesn’t work, I do have a back up pattern that I saw and just had to have. I ordered it yesterday, and it should hopefully be shipping soon. It’s Past Patterns #404 Edwardian Gibson Tuck Blouse. I love the simplicity of this pattern, and will be making it in the near future, even if I don’t use it for this costume. As for the other decisions for the costume, I am pretty sure I have settled on Folkwear # 203 Edwardian Underthings for the rest of my underpinnings. I have found a couple of hat tutorials that I will be looking over a bit more to see which one I like. I have also found where to get a really  nice, long wig to restyle, as I have hacked off all of my hair. That leaves the shoes. Now, I would really love to order a pair of Astoria’s from American Duchess, but there are a couple of drawl backs – 1.) the price: Granted, they are well worth it, being all leather. I just don’t have the money for it, yet; and 2.) color choice: They come in black and ivory, which are lovely, but I was  looking for brown to go the rest of the costume. So, what’s a girl to do? Look on Amazon for something a little more in my price range, and I found these!


Granted, they aren’t the high quality of the Astoria’s, but they are much closer to what I can afford. I do know that you get what you pay for, so my fingers are crossed that when they arrive tomorrow, they’ll be exactly what I am looking for. Besides, I had rewards to use, which pretty much cut the price in half for me. What girl can resist a deal like that? As much as I love shoe shopping, I love it even more when I can find killer deals. After all of that, the only thing that is still up in the air is the corset pattern. I know what I want, it’s just a matter of either finding a pattern, or drafting one myself. I have a couple of possibilities that I will be looking into. I’ll report back when I make a decision. 😉

May 13, 2015 – The Verdict is back!

The shoes did arrive on the appointed day. They were exactly what I expected. Not as good as the Astorias would probably be, but they will definitely do for what I need them for. I did read the few reviews that were left for them, and I’m glad that I did. True to the reviews, they were on the narrow side, and stiff. I normally wear a size 8US, but since I have a wide foot, I ordered a size 9US, and they fit fairly decently. Here they are:


I made sure to take them over to Miss PJ’s so she could see them. We wear roughly the same size, so she tried them on and found that a size 9US would work perfectly for her, as well. The only thing that I found wrong with them, was where the glue had eased out a bit around a few of the edges, but that’s what you get when you want cheap shoes. Here is what that looked like:


Besides the shoes, I ordered my remaining patterns. The first one is Folkwear #203 – Edwardian Underthings:

Folkwear #203 - Edwardian Underthings
Folkwear #203 – Edwardian Underthings

I can’t wait to get into the sewing room to see how much bleached muslin I have, just so I can get started on making them. Another pattern that I purchased was a pdf reproduction pattern for a 1912 corset. I found it on Etsy. As it’s in the size of the original pattern, I will have to a bit of wrangling to size it up for a good fit to my ample form. I did indulge a bit and ordered another pattern that fits the era, but isn’t exactly day wear. It’s more like night wear. lol.

Folkwear #224 - Beautiful Dreamer
Folkwear #224 – Beautiful Dreamer

I’ll be making a few of these to go with my Edwardian wardrobe. This is another pattern that I can’t wait to get started on.

January 4, 2016 – Time to dust it back off???

Wow! This poor project has sure been neglected. I had such high hopes for it last year, but so many unexpected things came into play, and it got shuffled to the back of life. Well, I have decided that if nothing else, I will finish this project this year, even if it’s for my own enjoyment, and I am the only one sewing this year. This project speaks to me on many levels, and I think it’s time that I breathed some life back into it. So, onward with the update! lol.

Since the last post, I did find the suiting material that I will be using for the jacket. If I can’t find a suitable lining material, I know that I do have some natural linen I can use, and I can dye it if needs be. I do need to finish buying the buttons, as I did get a start on buying them, but they didn’t have enough in the store for me to get them all at once. For the hat ideas, I need to hit a party costume store to see if they have what I am looking for, and I need to set back the money to order my wig. I found the one I want, I just need to decide on the color, as I’m still on the fence on is I should get auburn/red or brown. But, I have plenty of time to decide later. In the meantime, I do need to get myself down into the sewing room to get it back in shape. Until then, I will be taking stock of what I currently have for this project, and what is still needed. Once I have that, I can proceed with getting things done. I am still very excited for this project, and look forward to getting it completed, and photos taken.

February 21, 2016 – Finally becoming a reality!

I have finally started this project! Yay! Granted, I have broken a golden rule. I am still waiting for the new corset pattern to arrive, but I just couldn’t hold back any longer, I had to start. So, I started with a garment that I knew wouldn’t matter if I constructed it before the undergarments. I started on the blouse. I started just before noon on tracing the pattern (Folkwear #205 Gibson Girl Blouse), and after a lunch of some raisin bran, I got down to business of cutting fabric and sewing. After working on it most of the evening, and a bit of today, it’s all done, except a couple of buttons on the sleeves. I wasn’t counting in my head correctly when I counted how many buttons I needed, as I am exactly two short. But, no worries, as I still need to go back to the fabric store for a couple more buttons for the jacket (I took what they had left on the rack), I’ll just pick up the blouse buttons I need when I pick up the jacket buttons. I will be able to keep working when the corset pattern arrives in the coming week. I am really looking forward to getting this done, finally! lol.

Mostly finished blouse
Mostly finished blouse

In the photo above, the blouse is almost finished, and graciously modeled by Daisy May. 😉 This morning, after a trip to the fabric store, I did the button holes up the back of the blouse, added the pearl buttons, and a bit of lace trim at the top of the neck. Can’t wait to get the rest underway.

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