Edwardian Underthings

Patterns Used: Folkwear # 226 (OOP), Folkwear #203, Truly Victorian TVE13 Edwardian Corset
Start Date: 3/6/16
Finished Date:
Materials Used: Bleached Muslin
Notions Used: metal snaps, lace, lace trim, ribbon, bias tape, buttons


June 17, 2015 – Bad, bad girl!

I have been a bad, bad girl! I realized that I have neglected to set up the page for my Edwardian Underthings, and had kinda squeezed the information onto the page for the 1912 Walking Suit. So, I thought I had better fix that right away. For my undergarments, my first pick is Folkwear #226 – Princess Slip, which is OOP. I have had my eye on this pattern for years, and have always wanted to make one. This is a pattern that would also be great for a vintage style nightgown. For my corset, I had a bit more trouble deciding what I wanted, as I really didn’t want an underbust corset. I really liked the lines and design of the corset Rose wore in the movie Titanic, so that’s what I went looking for. I did find a seller on Etsy that offered reproduction patterns based off of actual vintage patterns. Luckily, she had one for 1912. While I love the design of it, I will have to scale and modify it up to fit my ample form. I only hope it isn’t too frustrating for me, and I come out with something that is very pleasing. For my corset cover and petticoat, I have picked Folkwear #203 – Edwardian Underthings. A lot of my foundation garments should be straight forward construction that I will mostly likely be using bleached muslin for. The only thing that I see taking me some time, and maybe offering up any issues, will be the corset. I hope to get started on the Princess Slip soon, so I can start on the corset. Once the corset is finished, then I can start on the corset cover and petticoat.

January 4, 2016 – Dusting it back off

This whole project has been on such a hiatus. With everything that happened to caused me to be put it on the back burner of life, I’m shocked I still feel excitement over this project. But, I do, and that is all that matters. I have decided that I will finish this project this year, no matter what. Even if I am the only one in our group sewing, I will see the project through to completion. I pretty much have everything I need, especially for the undergarments. I would like to get started on it within the month. So, let’s see what happens.

March 7, 2016 – Progress at last!

I have finally been able to start on my Edwardian undergarments. I have started with Folkwear #226 – Princess Slip. This pattern is currently Out Of Print, and was only sized to to a 16 (38″ bust with a 40″ hip), so I had to do some up sizing to fit my 45″ bust. It was very easy, and straight forward, to up size this pattern. For my 1912 Walking Suit, I am using view A (the shorter of the two) as my petticoat will also be on the shorter side. Once I got the four main pattern pieces traced and cut out, I was able to get started straight away. For my seams, I flat felled them, then I hand finished my hem, and added a bit of lace at the neck line. I will be using snaps for my closures

(photo of finished garment coming soon!)

Next up will be the corset.

March 16, 2016 – Onward!

I had a couple of days off from work, and was able to make lots of progress. I got the snaps sewn on to the Princess slip, and was able to get started on the petticoat. I spent a couple of evenings last week getting everything traced and cut out so I could just dive in with the sewing.

On Monday I started with the petticoat, as I figured it would take the longest to make with the layers of pin tucks on the ruffle. I am really liking the pattern I’m using. With the Folkwear pattern, I have finally had the opportunity to do lace inserts, and love how they are turning out. I only have the ruffle to gather, sew on, and sew on the ribbon along the top edge. Then, I can move on to the drawers. Lovin’ the progress!



March 22, 2016 – Major progress made!

So, over the weekend I was able to get the Camisole finished, but not without a little trouble. Apparently, my brain just wasn’t working when I picked out the lace for my insets, as it wasn’t wide enough for the designated space:

Houston! We have a problem!
Houston! We have a problem!

After decided to set it aside to think on the problem (to decide if I needed to abandon the lace I bought, or find a way to use it), I sat down to a dinner of pizza, and inspiration struck:


I sacrificed a few pieces of the lace to see it the idea had merit:


And…. We have a winner! I place two pieces back to back on the flat edge, and did a narrow zig-zag stitch. It worked perfectly. After that, the rest of the construction went beautifully. I even spent most of the afternoon out with PJ, and still finished it up. Photos to come later!


April 13, 2016 – Nearing the finish line!

Well, for this portion of the project, anyway. lol. The only undergarment I have left to make is the corset, all other items are finished. I am definitely loving they way they turned out. And, I finally pulled Jane up from the sewing room to get photos. Here they are:

Folkwear #226 - Princess Slip
Folkwear #226 – Princess Slip
Back view
Back view

This is the Princess Slip from Folkwear #226. This pattern has been OOP for a number of years, so the largest size is listed at a size 16 with a bust of 38″. My bust is definitely larger than that, so I had to resize the pattern up to fit me. Now, in the photos above, Jane is way, way over padded so that I can put my corsets/stays on her, and then lace her down to my measurements, so she really fills out that slip. On me, it’s much more loose. I used metal snaps for the closures down the back, as I wanted a smooth, but easy to operate, closure. I am tempted to make a couple more for summer sleepwear.

Folkwear #203 - Petticoat
Folkwear #203 – Petticoat
Back View
Back View

Up next is the petticoat from FW# 203. I absolutely love this petticoat. It turned out so nice! I love the look of the inset lace on the ruffle, and the 1/2″ wide satin ribbon I used to cover the raw edges at the top of the ruffle. I will be swapping out the blue ribbon for a lavender one that matches the design of my corset fabric. I may add a snap or button to the drawstring closure area, just to help control of the opening as it’s being drawn in and closed.

Folkwear # 203 - Camisole
Folkwear # 203 – Camisole
Back view of inset lace
Back view of inset lace
Front view of inset lace, pintucks and buttons
Front view of inset lace, pintucks and buttons

I positively adore this camisole. I love the inset lace and the pintucks. I would love to make more of these for summer sleep wear, with the drawers (closed, of course). This is entirely too cute! I did get the drawers done, just need to add the button holes and the buttons, after I get the corset made. I’ll post photos of them once the corset it done. If I ever make it to Costume College, these would be the undies I would wear to Sunday Undies breakfast. 😉

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