Regency Chemisettes

Date Started: July 7, 2012
Date Finished: On going
Pattern Used: Various (listed per garment)
Material Used: Various (listed per garment)
Notions Used: Various (listed per garment)

January 23, 2013 – Catching up a bit!

Last year, my partner in crime (Angie) and I decided that we are going to starting making complete wardrobes for our favorite eras. Regency is definitely one of our favorites, as it’s what got us going. And, our biggest and most celebrated yearly event is our Regency Picnic. This is one of the garments that I will be making multiples of, in different colors, styles and materials. I will list each one below by garment.

That being said, in early July of 2012 I started working to add to my Regency wardrobe. Being a hot (100+ degrees), I retreated to my sewing room in the basement and got started. I pulled some of my mystery sheer material in cream, along with my Sense and Sensibility Undergarment pattern, and got to work. By dinner I had the pattern traced, material cut, and a lovely chemisette sewn together. I decided I wanted this one to button up, so I picked up some cream colored pearl buttons. Here is the finished product (photo taken before the buttons were added):

Regency Chemisette - before buttons were added
Regency Chemisette – before buttons were added

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