Multipurpose Costume Cape

Started: February 2011
Finished: February 12, 2012
Pattern Used: Butterick 3084 (Out of Print)
Material Used: bridal satin and crushed velvet
Notion Used: pewter clasps

I started this last year, before the Costume Ball, just as an all purpose cover up while in costume. I had cut the fabric, got the lining and the shell sewn, and the two pinned with right sides facing each other. I then got distracted, and it hung on a hanger for the past year. I decided it was time to finish it off.

I used an old favorite pattern for the body of the cape. The hood is an extra large hood taken from another pattern, which one slips my mind at this point, as it’s been forever since I traced that piece. I used some of the left over satin from my wedding dress for the lining, and a smidge of the crushed velvet I have stashed for the shell. The clasps were purchased from JoAnn Farbrics, out of the button section.

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