1770’s Polonaise

Period Impressions 1770's Polonaise

1770’s Polonaise

Pattern: Period Impressions 1770’s Polonaise
Started: February 5, 2011
Finished: February 19, 2011
Material: Mystery satin stripe fabric – dark green, baroque satin, muslin (for bodice lining), hook & eyes (for closures), 2 fabric cover buttons, and ribbon

This project has been one that I have wanted to make for many years. This is made from the Period Impressions pattern. When I started costuming, way back in 1998, I fell in love with the look of this pattern. I finally purchased it in 2009, and had planned to use it for my wedding dress in 2010, but as brides will do, I changed my mind. I found the fabric for this dress in an outlet in Berlin, Ohio, in the heart of Amish country. It is a lovely, green satin striped, heavy cotton. Once the fabric was purchased, I could only imagine making this dress with a white satin petticoat. This dress is being made for The Emerald Parlor’s 1st Annual Costume Ball 2011. The theme this year is the Federal/Revolutionary Era.

1770's Polonaise - in progress Feb. 8, 2011

As stated, this project has been in the planning stages for many years. The actual cutting of the fabric and sewing started on Feb. 5th. The Ball will be held on Feb. 19th. For this project, I have machine sewn as much as possible, due to my late start. For trim, I have kept it simple. I have cut strips of the material with pinking shears, and box pleated it to the neckline and sleeves. For the buttons on the back of the gown, I purchased the buttons that you cover with fabric, to make sure they match perfectly. I did have to up size the sleeves, as they are a little narrow for my cushy arms. I also cut some of the length off, as I only wanted elbow length sleeves. For the petticoat, I have used white baroque satin. The bottom flounce was box pleated on, with a bit of white lace sewn on.

For undergarment, I will using my Regency chemise made from the undergarment pattern from Sense & Sensibility. For my stays, I used the Mantua-Maker #1700-1 1720-1790’s Georgian Stays pattern. The fabrics I used for it were some stiff mattress ticking, canvas, beige flannel for the lining, and some salvaged grey corduroy, with a dark green bias tape.

As of Feb. 16, I only need to sew on the hook & eye closures.

Emerald Parlor 1st Annual Costume Ball - Feb. 19, 2011

I was able to finish this the night before the ball. I was a hit. I must admit, I love this dress even more, now that I have made it. I can easily say that I will be using this pattern again and again.

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