Henry VIII Project: Anne Boleyn

Anne of a Thousand Days

Patterns Used: Simplicity 2589 and 2621
Date Started:
Date Finished:
Materials Used:

December 29, 2011 – Inspiration dawns

The other ladies and I have been discussing a group project. We call it The Wives of Henry VIII. We have set no deadline for this project, as this is one that we want to take our time and get as detail oriented as each person wants. And, once we are all done, I do believe we will set an event for these. We have each picked a wife to dress as, and my choice was Anne Boleyn, the head strong and fool hardy second wife, and mother of Elizabeth I.

At the onset of the idea, a gown from a movie got stuck in my head, and I have been unable to dislodge it, try as I might with another design. I have come to the conclusion that I must attempt to recreate it. The dress in question is pictured above, and is from the movie “Anne of a Thousand Days”. I love the rich, brown tone and the accents of cream and gold. I have decided that I will be using a commerical pattern for this dress. I will be using Simplicity 2589 for the dress and 2621 for the undergarments, to see how they perform, so to speak. Now, I have to find the perfect fabrics to use for it. I have made my list of yardages and notions, and it almost reads like a battlefield prep list. lol. I can’t wait to get this one done. 🙂

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