Making some progress…..

I have made some progress on some of the home renovations that I have wanted to do for years. It’s just not the progress I want to be making. lol. I would love to have most, if not all, of my Victorian undergarments made, but I have opted to get some areas of the house made over, finally. We have ordered some new flooring for the main part of the house, so we can finally get rid of the 20 year old carpet. The only thing is that the flooring we picked is so popular, it won’t be in until the end of the month…. and we ordered it last month. So, I will be taking time off at the beginning of June to get it installed. I can’t wait, I’m so excited! The other renovations I have made was to the laundry room. After purchasing a new washer and dryer just before Christmas, that tiny room (and I mean tiny, it’s only 5′ by 7′) was in shambles. Since I bought front loading machines, and wanted them stacked, we had to take down the one wire shelf that was in there. That left no where for the stuff on the shelf to go, except into the entry area, and on my travel sewing table. Then, the hubby didn’t want to try to put machines where I wanted them, and I had to leave them sitting in the middle of the room. That meant that my travel table had to go in front of the door to the garage, to be a make shift station for the detergents and stuff. Yeah. That room was barely functional. Here is what it looked like:


Tiny, drab, and positively no room. Blah! So, the weekend of April 29th, I dove in with some paint, new flooring (peel and stick tile since it’s just the laundry room), a new light fixture and some determination. Here is how it looked by the end of the day:


Much better, right? The only help I had with it was when the hubby helped me move the machines out into the entry area, and when the Teenaged Attitude helped by handing me the tiles and I laid them. She did dive in at the end and help with the outer edge that needed special cut pieces. I taught her out to do that without wasting bunch of tiles. Oh! and the hubby helped me install the new light fixture. Which I loved so much, I bought another one to replace the outdated and malfunctioning fixture in the hall. As you can see there is plenty of space to the right of the machines, and some white shelves leaning against the wall. I got those installed this past weekend, and that helped greatly with all the extra stuff in the kitchen that isn’t used daily. Now, to get the rest of the main area of the house ready over the next couple of weeks for the new flooring, and, to get motivated on getting the sewing room finished up. Hopefully, I can get down there soon to start sewing. That would be so nice. Well, until next time…. Happy Sewing!


Spring cleaning and itch to sew

Well, it looks like spring has finally arrived to Ohio, and it’s determined to flood us out. lol. We’ve had some nice and sunny days, but we’ve had a few dreary and rainy days with a few bits of sun. However, with the return of the warmer weather has come the urge to throw open the doors and windows to clean wall to wall, corner to corner, top to bottom. So, maybe after a few home improvement projects it might just be time to get into the sewing room and fix it up after it’s sat unused for nearly two years. Especially since I finally have a project that I am excited about working on.

Speaking of the project that I am excited about, I think I can finally reveal it, as I am finally making my mind up about some of the elements. lol. Since it’s been a few years since we have had any type of costume projects and/or outings and events, we have decided that we want to do a picnic this fall, and have settled on Downton Abbey themed picnic. We’ve decided to go with the beginning of the series, and based on the year 1912. And, since we will be wearing so many layers, we’re aiming for late September or early October for this one. I had started picking vintage patterns from the Commercial Pattern Archives to base mine off of, that is until I saw a newer Butterick pattern and fell in love. Here is the pattern:

Butterick B6108

Butterick B6108

This is the pattern that I bought the plaid fabric for. I will be making the view on the right. In my meanderings on the interwebs,  I have a historic fashion plate for this costume. It’s no exactly the same, but gets very, very close, and it’s done in brown which makes even more happy with my plaid fabric. About the only changes that I’ll be making is that I will be making an actual blouse to wear under the jacket, as I just don’t do bibs. lol. For the blouse, I have decided on Folkwear #205, Gibson Girl Blouse:


Folkwear # 205 - Gibson Girl Blouse

Folkwear # 205 – Gibson Girl Blouse

Granted, I know it’s more Victorian than Edwardian, but I do love it and really want to try it out. After all, if I don’t like it with the rest of the outfit, I can always just hang it up in the costume closet and make my alternate pattern from CoPA. As for the rest of the garments, I will be using Folkwear #226, the Princess Slip:


Folkwear # 226 - Princess Slip

Folkwear # 226 – Princess Slip

This pattern is OOP, but I got lucky and found a pristine copy on Ebay for a reasonable price. I will probably have to draft a corset pattern, as I can’t really find one that I like, and then maybe order Folkwear # 203, Edwardian Underthings, for the corset cover and petticoat. The other pattern I will be using with this outfit will be Butterick B5370:

Butterick B5370

Butterick B5370

I want to try my hand at making gloves. lol. As I go with making this costume, I’ll be writing up my thoughts and reviews for these patterns, since they are all new to me. So, keep an eye open for that. I have added my project page to the side bar for anyone that may be curious about what I’m doing with it.

As far as the home improvement projects, I have only managed to help Miss PJ paint her living room. My entryway is still sporting the craptastic old vinyl flooring and carpet, but I hope to remedy that soon. I still need to hit the hardware store to pickup a tile cutter, tile spacers and some grout sealer, and then I can begin. I may get to it this weekend, providing I don’t get distracted by other errands like I have the past couple of weekends. Which is entirely possible, just like this past weekend and the vet appointment we had for Mama Sophie and the baby kitties. We did all the tests to make sure they are healthy, and they all got a clean bill of health from the doctor. Speaking of the loving mama and her little cuties, here is a pic of them from the weekend before:

Look at how big they're getting!

Look at how big they’re getting!

And, I can’t pass up posting one of my little one:

Onyx "Onnie" Moon

Onyx “Onnie” Moon

Meet Onyx Moon, or as we call her, Onnie. She is utterly adorable with her silver under coat on her belly, and pretty blue eyes. It’ll be about another four months before she can come home, and I just can’t wait.

The only other exciting thing that has happened was a co-working getting to travel to our main corporate office in New Zealand. He’s a great guy and got to participate in an exciting company program. It was a long two and half weeks, that’s for sure. But, the perk of working with great people is that they always remember you and bring back awesome gifts from all over the world. Here is what he brought me:

New Zealand swag!

New Zealand swag!

He got me a shot glass (yes, I collect shot glasses, and why not? Their small and very portable), this one was from the set of the Hobbit Shire. Which I am totally jealous that he got to visit the place where they shot parts of LoTR and The Hobbit. The other gift was a pair of handmade fingerless mitts made from merino and opossum fur that he picked up at a huge craft fair in Auckland. He also brought back some interesting candies that we don’t see here in the states, which were very yummy.

Well, I have a few things that I need to get done, so until next time….. Happy Sewing!