2016 Year in Review

2016 was not a productive year by most standards, when it comes to my sewing projects, but compared to the several years prior, it was a great year. I started to thinking about the project list I set for myself for this year, and how much of I didn’t finish. Then, I started thinking of how much I did get finished, and how for the several years before I had barely sewn at all. It was very good year in the sewing room after all. So, I thought I would take a look back at what I had wanted to accomplish, and at what I actually did accomplish:

The 2016 Costume Plan
1. 1912 Walking Suit – This is a costume that I have been trying to make since 2013. I nearly finished it this year. I only have a corset, the jacket and the skirt to make for it.

2. 1887 Mourning Dress – A newer project to the list. Never even had a chance to get past the beginning of the planning phase.

3. Great Gatsby Dress – A project that was planned for 2013. We had all planned to wear 20’s dresses to go to see the movie when it premiered, but none of us made it.

4. Regency Half Robe Set – I had bought about 3 yds of two matching fabrics and planned on making a matching set of half robes to wear over an under dress. Well, this goal was mostly met. I did get the under dress and one of the half robes made.

5. 1950’s Christmas Dress – I just wanted to make a lovely dress for the Christmas season. I was going to postpone this project until 2017, but then got it in mind to try to make for this year’s company Christmas party. I almost hit the mark, too. If I had just decided to start a week to two earlier, it would’ve been done. As it currently stands, I just need to attach the sleeves to the bodice, attach the skirts to the bodice, hem the skirts, and make the cumberbund.

Now, for what I did actually accomplish this year:

Mostly finished blouse

Mostly finished blouse

The Gibson Girl blouse for  my 1912 Walking suit.

Folkwear # 203 - Camisole

A full set of Edwardian undergarments, minus the corset.

Wow! Looking good, Jane! Looking good!

1910’s Wearing History blouse.


1910’s Wearing History Suit


1950’s Tispy Tea Dress.


Regency Half Robe with under dress, along with a new chemise and stays.

All in all, a total of 13 individual garments completed. Not bad after a three year dry spell.

Now, time to look forward to my planned sewing list for 2017. What do I want to do in the new year? Let’s have a look, shall we?

  1. Finish the 1912 Walking Suit
  2. Finish the 1950’s Christmas Dress
  3. Sew the 2nd Regency Half Robe
  4. Finally make the Great Gatsby Dress
  5. Sew the Late Bustle Era Emerald Green Dress
  6. Sew a new set of Victorian undergarments, along with a bustle

There is the list, so far. No doubt that it will grow and change through out the year. It looks to be a fun list of goals for the year. How did you do this year? What’s on your list for the new year? Comment and share. I would love to hear what your goals are for the new year.

Be sure to drop back by in the new year. I’ll have lots more My Fave 5 Fridays, along with progress on my sewing list. Until then….. Happy Sewing! And, Happy New Year!


In which Jane finally makes an appearance…

I was finally able to wrestle Jane up from the sewing room yesterday evening. Not an easy task! At first, it seemed like she was going to come quietly. She was lounging on the sofa (that is still in the sewing room), when I went to coax her out. Her stand was at one end of the cutting table, and that is where the problem started. When I tried to pull her stand out from under a couple of bolts that had fallen over, Jane decided it was the perfect moment to launch her resistance. I finally got her under control, and got her stand up, after loosing a couple of the feet, and having to retrieve them. When we got to the door, Jane really resisted leaving her cozy space. Not only did I have to fight Jane and her stand, I also had to shoo away a certain little black kitty that loves to test her luck getting into the sewing room. That is really hard to do with both arms wrapped around Jane, both hands full of her stand and the feet, and still try to use my foot to gently shoo the cat away, all while trying to shut the door to the sewing room at the bottom of the stairs, in a very confined space. Not an easy task, and it was accompanied with lots of bad words that aren’t fit for some ears. At one point, I thought Jane was going to get the better of me, as I almost went down on my bum, which would have put Jane on top. But, I managed to remain standing, and even made it up the stairs to the livingroom, despite the tripping hazard of a small cat and a very upset Jane. However, Jane didn’t stop there. We continued to argue and tussle the whole time I tried to dress her up for some quick photos. But, in the end….  I won! lol. Here is the proof that “poor Jane” has been pressed back into doing her job. Please pardon the fact that she’s not wearing a corset, it hasn’t been made yet:

*Disclaimer: Please note that Jane’s actual dimensions are smaller than mine. Because of this, she has been very well padded and covered, so that I can put my corsets/stays on her, and lace her down to my measurements. 

Folkwear #226 - Princess Slip

Folkwear #226 – Princess Slip

Here is the Folkwear Princess Slip. This pattern has been OOP for sometime, so I did have to resize the pattern to fit.

Folkwear #203 - Petticoat

Folkwear #203 – Petticoat

I love the petticoat from Folkwear # 203. It turned out to be so lovely.

Folkwear # 203 - Camisole

Folkwear # 203 – Camisole

I really love the camisole pattern from FW # 203. Also, I will be swapping out the ribbons that are currently being used at the neck and waist, as well as the one in the petticoat, for a light lavender ribbon that will match the corset I will be making.

I really liked using these patterns, and am even tempted to make a few of these as summer sleep wear with a couple of pair of the drawers for the bottoms to the camisole, and maybe a princess slip or two with some extra embellishments. And, speaking of the drawers, they are the only thing I didn’t get photos of. I don’t have the buttons and button holes on them yet, as I want to get the corset finished, and then do the button placement. So, that will come later. Further details will be available on the project page. Also, I will try to write up my pattern review for these patterns, and post them in my pattern review pages. I’ll post when it’s available.

Has anyone one else used these patterns? Did you have a positive or negative experience with them? I would love to hear how everyone else’s projects turned out, please comment and let me know.

Full Steam Ahead!

Despite taking a year to get started on my 1912 Walking Suit, it’s moving pretty quickly. Granted, it’s not going as fast as it would if we were still able to do weekend binge sewing sessions, like we used to do, but it’s moving fairly quickly. I’m almost halfway through the garments that need to be constructed. This past weekend I was able to finish the camisole, despite my frustrations on Friday evening, and not getting any sewing time in on Saturday. So, let me start with Friday evening. When I got home I warmed up the oven for a couple of pizzas, and pulled out the camisole to start working. I dutifully followed the directions, and started with the button edges of the front, then moved on to the pintucks. Once I got those done, I pulled out the lace for the insets on the front pieces. And, this happened:

Houston! We have a problem!

Houston! We have a problem!

As you can see in the photo above, the lace I picked for the inset was not wide enough to the space designated. After the busy day I had, my brain just went into tantrum mode and refused to work me. So, I folded it all back up, put it way so the cats couldn’t lay on it, and went about fixing dinner and finding a movie to watch for the evening. I was three bites into my first piece of pizza when a solution to my problem hit me head on. lol. After finishing what I had on my plate, I washed my hands (don’t need pizza grease on the white undies!) and sat down at the machine to see if my idea would work.


The idea that hit was the fact that the lace was flat along the top edge, so if I could place them back to back and do a narrow zig-zag to sew them together, maybe it would be wide enough for that space.


It worked! I pinned it down, and then just folded under the bottom corners to follow the design on the pattern. That was as far as I got until Sunday. On Saturday, I had to round up stuff for the crafty afternoon at the shop. We have decided that it would be a good idea to have one Saturday afternoon a month that we could just sit and craft with others, help anyone that is stuck with a craft project, and teach anyone that wants to learn something new. I even set up a small table with an electric tea kettle, plastic cups, a variety of teas, and some brownie bites. We started at 2 pm and ran until the shop closed at 6 pm. We had a blast, and I even taught a couple of ladies how to knit. After all of that, it was off to Miss PJ’s to celebrate her birthday with (more) pizza and margaritas over several rounds of cards at the kitchen table.

On Sunday, I went back to work on the camisole for a bit, then hit the fabric store with PJ. I wanted to utilize a 60% off coupon that was going to expire to make sure I got the brocade satin I needed for my 1913 corset. They didn’t really have I wanted, so I settled for what they had that I liked. I also picked up some stretchy, faux suede material for the gloves that I want to make. But, I managed to forget the last two gold buttons I need for the jacket, for the third time. lol. When I got home, I finished up the camisole while the hubby played, of all things, the Minecraft game that belongs to the Teenaged Attitude. lol.


He took my spot on the couch, so I took his massager/recliner and kicked up my feet while I pinned on the lace trim along the neckline. Yesterday, I ended up leaving work early as I didn’t feel well. After a long nap on the couch, I started on the drawers while making homemade soup for dinner. All I have left to finish on that is the waistbands front and back, and the ruffle around the legs. That just leaves the corset to finished to make my complete set of Edwardian undergarments. Once the corset is done, I can move on to the rest of the garments. Yay! I’m finally getting closer and closer to a completed costume. The first since the fall of 2013. When I said this, the hubby was shocked. He thought I had made a costume last year. But, then again, he has a bad memory. So, this rest of this week will be finishing up the drawers, coaxing Jane out of the sewing room to get photos of the finished garments, and making the mock up of the corset. I do still have to order the corset busk, grommets and lacing. I guess if I get to the point that I can’t work until that stuff arrives, I can switch over my Gatsby dress. I do want to have it done by June. So, until the next time, I’ll leave you with a photo of the Teenaged Attitude actually smiling, and say…. Happy Sewing!