And, it has begun!

This past weekend was a bit of complete opposites. Saturday was way more relaxed, compared to Sunday. As my mother-in-law is packing up the last of her condo for her move to South Carolina, we had her over for dinner on Saturday. So, my Saturday consisted of making sure things were picked up around the house, and the carpet was vacuumed, and then making dinner. But, when Sunday dawned bright and early, it was go time! See, I made my hubby a deal. I would help him clear out the spare room, and clean it from top to bottom for him to use as a place to study for school and get his newly acquired treadmill in there, but only after he helped me bring the loveseat up from the sewing room. I was out of bed at 7:30 am, had a bit of breakfast, and then got started on moving everything out of the way to get the love seat out of the sewing room, up the stairs, and out the front door to the garage. The first thing I did was empty out the movie shelves that I had the bottom of the stairs, just outside the sewing room door. I honestly did not think we had that many movies and video games.


And, that’s not all of it. The bottom of the tv armoire is half full, plus there is a drawer full. There is never a reason why we should be bored. If there’s nothing on tv, pick a movie or game. lol. Oh! And you can see the teenaged invasion in the back ground. They were all playing hand held games. But, after all of this, I had to go into the sewing room to liberate the loveseat. It kind of became a “catch all” for the room.


There is a loveseat under there. I promise. lol. But, I can say that not all of this from tossing stuff on the loveseat. Part of that was a garment rack that was attached to the wall. If fell off one day, while I was sitting next to it sewing. Everything on the rack thankfully landed on the loveseat and chairs that were sitting under it. As the room isn’t overly large, I ended up having to pile everything in the middle of the floor to get to the loveseat, but that didn’t take too long.


Once I finally found the loveseat under all of the costumes, boxes, bags of yarn, scrap fabric, and stuffed animals, I found something else, too. There. On the far cushion. Evidence of tiny, four legged creatures that aren’t welcome in the house, let alone my sewing room. That’s right. There have been mice in the sewing room. Yuck! And, besides some leftover yarn, they apparently found a piece of candy that was forgotten about. So, note to self: Make sure to clear out all traces of food and drink before leaving the sewing room. The saving grace of this loveseat is that it is super light weight. I called the hubby down, and we hoisted it up and out of the room with very little effort. If it hadn’t been for the fact that it was in what little basement I have, I probably could’ve hauled it out by myself.


There it is, sitting in the driveway, awaiting it’s fate. It sat there for a while, before we moved it back into the garage until I can schedule bulk pickup for next week. From there, the rest of the day was packed with moving stuff out of the spare room, sorting, throwing old stuff away, and generally being productive. When that was all over and done with, I went back down into the sewing room. And, why not? I had a clear section where I could get to the carpet….

Where the loveseat used to sit

Where the loveseat used to sit

Near the door, where Miss PJ's sewing station usually is

Near the door, where Miss PJ’s sewing station usually is

I ripped up a section that was about 4 feet wide. Can’t wait to get the rest of that carpet out of there. Each evening, I have been going down to sort, reorganize and move things over to where I ripped up the carpet, so I can prepare the next section to come out. I want to have it all out by the of this weekend, so it can go out with the bulk pickup next week. Then, once that it all out of there, I can finally get the sewing room set up in a more productive configuration. I have pulled a couple of short book cases from other rooms to go down. They will become the base of my new sewing station, with the pre-made counter top I salvaged from work. The smaller counter top I salvaged will be connected to it, so I can have my sewing machine, embroidery machine, and serger all lined up for quick use. I can’t wait! At this point in the year, painting the walls will have to wait until spring or summer. Which is a good thing, as I still haven’t decided on a color. So, this weekend will be packed full of finishing up things, at my mother-in-law’s condo, and in my sewing room.

Is anyone else doing any fall cleaning/rearranging/purging? If so, comment by clicking the heart in the top right corner of the post, and tell me what you decided to get rid of.

Until next time… Happy Sewing!


It’s beginning to look a lot like fall….

Too bad it doesn’t feel like fall! September kind of got away from me, in a big way. lol. Maybe because it felt way too much like summer. So, now we are half way through October, but the weather sure doesn’t feel like it. Here, in the heart of Ohio (our old state logo was “The Heart of it All!”), we have had temps in the mid-80’s. What? Really?? Where are my 50’s and 60’s degree days? I love fall. To me it’s the best season. Ever. All the pretty colors, the cool days, and even cooler nights that allow for a fire to be built.

My view at the new office. Love it!

My view at the new office. Love it!

I love being able to curl up in sweats or warm jammies, with a cup of hot chocolate, sitting around the fire, and just relaxing. But, when I have to turn my A/C back on in the middle of October, it tends to make me grumpy, listless, and just plain out of sorts. I want to sew, to finish up the super quick fall project I started, but the heat has just sucked all motivation out of me. We did have a storm that pushed through last night, and it brought slightly cooler temps with it, but it was motivation to get my new fall jacket done.

Simplicity 1067

Simplicity 1067

I started this a few weeks back. I worked one evening on tracing and cutting out the pattern, and two evenings on construction. Last night, I finished up the hem, finished the edges on the raw edges along the front and sleeves. Then, I sewed on a giant snap for the closure, and added a very large, decorative button to cover where I put the snap. In a few days, I should be able to actually wear this out of the house. lol. But, on to what has been happening in the past month.

So, when I left off the last time, we were all getting ready for the annual Regency Picnic. Let me tell you, it was a blast! We have definitely missed having this annual event. It was a really great day, and I do mean day. I was up and out the door way early on the day of the picnic, as I had to get to the shelter house to make sure we had it. Annie and I got there just after the sun came up.


The shelter house was just next to the Scioto River. After Annie and I hauled our stuff into the shelter house, I parked my car, and we sat and enjoyed the quiet, as the joggers silently passed, and the OSU rowing team made their way up river. Since the park we were in is a Pokemon Go hot spot, we got in a bit of play.

A girl and her Pikacu

A girl and her Pikachu

A couple of hours later, Miss PJ joined us, and we finished setting up, then got dressed in our costumes. I hung our new group banner on the front of the shelter house, so Miss Elma and anyone else coming could find us.


It was truly a perfect day for the picnic. It wasn’t overly hot, there were hardly any bugs, and the location was perfect. The shelter house we picked was conveniently located next to a small play ground, and right next to the river. We had a great feast laid out, and really enjoyed ourselves. Here, I’ll let some of the photos speak for themselves:

Miss Elma, Miss PJ and myself - under our new group banner!

Miss Elma, Miss PJ and myself – under our new group banner!

The next generations of costumers. YAY!

The next generations of costumers. YAY!

This year's yummy selections

This year’s yummy selections

Annie at the edge of the river

Annie at the edge of the river

This year, Miss PJ brought her youngest son to join in on the fun. Then, later in the day, her hubby and my hubby popped in to enjoy the leftovers. I will say, as much trouble as my half robe gave me, I was very pleased with how it turned out, and how the costume looked over all.


And, since Annie didn’t decide until the last minute if she was going, and if she was wearing a costume, we pulled Katie’s old half robe out of storage. Amazingly, Annie fit into it very well.


This is the fourth picnic this dress has been worn to, and Annie looked really stunning it in. For undergarments, I pulled out my very first set of long stays for her to wear, and PJ pulled out a chemise. Ever though her costume was hobbled together, she looked amazing. After we were done with our lunch, strolling along the river, and getting photos done, we all changed back into our regular clothes to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

The relief of changing out of costume

The relief of changing out of costume

Since this was only the second time that Annie has worn a full costume, she was really happy to be changing back into her own clothes. Come to think about it, this was the first time that she’s worn a full set of stays/corset. lol. The last picnic, several years ago, she wore short stays. After everyone was back in the street clothes, the kids grabbed the fishing poles and headed for the river. And, because we all forgot bait, they were fishing with cheese and rolls. lol.

Annie with her jeans rolled up and in the water, helping the younger kids with their lines

Annie with her jeans rolled up and in the water, helping the younger kids with their lines

Needless to say, they did catch anything, and the fish were well fed, along with a dog that happened along and found their stash of “bait”. I can’t say it enough, it was a really great day. By the time we packed up and headed out, it was around 5 o’clock. At that point, I was ready to go home and collapse on the couch.

So, the next big project is the remodel of the sewing room. We still need to find time to get that love seat up and out of there, and then get the carpet torn up. I’m hoping to get at least the love seat out in the next couple of weeks, before the weather gets any colder. I can deal with the carpet until spring, if I have to. And, I can even wait till spring to paint, I just really want that love seat out of there. It takes up so much space, and that’s space I could be using. lol. That’s kinda it for now. I will be trying to get back to the My Fave Friday posts. I just need to carve out time to write them up. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!

A week of hiccups!

Happy Wednesday after a holiday weekend! I missed doing “My Fave 5 Friday” last week, as it was a crazy week of hiccups. It started on Monday and just snowballed from there. The thing that threw off my whole week? Well, the hubby was involved in a car accident last Monday, on his way to school. He’s okay, but his car, not so much. Since then, it’s been trips to body shop, dealing with the responsible person’s insurance company, and setting up doctor appointments. I was finally able to take a break from it all on Saturday, and took my mom, the Teenaged Attitude and her bestie to Fair at New Boston, just on the other side of Springfield.


I love going to this two day festival. I have missed the past two years, but definitely had a blast this year. Mom had never really been to a reenactment or festival of this type, so it was fun watching her jump every time the light artillery fired off the cannons. She was really fascinated by the ox that were pulling one of the carts around the grounds.


We had lots of fun wandering through the tents looking at hats, fans, fabric, patterns, and all the other fun reenactment wares.



The only other festival mom has visited with me is the Ohio Renaissance Festival a couple of years ago, so I had fun explaining the era this festival was portraying (1790-1810), along with the how’s and why’s, and differences in some of the costumes different ladies were wearing.


I turned the girls loose to wander as they pleased. They each had a bit of cash to feed themselves, and pick up any trinkets that caught their attention. After roaming as much as we wanted, having a bit of lunch, and then a bit of dessert before leaving, we headed out. On the way home, we decided to explore Buck Creek State Park a bit, just to see what the camping sites and cabins were like. When we first started holding our Regency Picnics, we held them at Buck Creek, at the picnic area close to the beach and boat launch (pictured below).


All in all, it was a great day with mom and the girls. I even came home with some awesome stuff.


Everything is in the photo above. I picked soap from a couple of vendors, a lovely silk fan and a quizzing glass (magnifier) from Daniel Boone of Kentucky, JP Ryan’s Fine Collection of Ladies’ Jackets pattern from a lovely stall, a shaped hat for my 18th c. hat collection, a nice guide book on 18th c. ladies’ dress (for ideas on future costumes), and some lip balm, deep tissue salve, and migraine salve from LBCC Historical Cosmetics (and now wishing I had picked up a few other things while I was there, lol).

On Sunday, the hubby and I met Miss PJ and her hubby out for brunch. Then, we dropped the menfolk off at my house to play video games while we made a quick (well, quick for us) trip to Target. Once we got back, we went down to the sewing room, and proceeded to take back Miss PJ’s sewing area, so she could get started on her Regency dress. After we got her table set up, I ironed her fabric and got my new set of stays cut out, and she decided to clear more space to set up a larger table for me to sew at, so I wouldn’t be stuck at my small travel table. I even have proof of her starting on her dress:



After she went home, I finally got the sleeves to set correctly on my mustard colored half robe, and then called it quits for the night. Monday morning, I went back down and got started on my new set of stays. Miss Elma did come by and join me for the middle part of the day. By the time I shut down the sewing room, I had all three layers of my stays together. After dinner last night, I sat on the couch, pinning the three layers together and watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell on Netflix. This evening, I hope to get it stitched together, and the boning channels stitched in. That will just leave it for me to finish the stays, the skirts of the underdress, and the sleeves of the half robe. Good thing, too, since we only have a couple of weeks left, and I have a soap making class to teach this Saturday, while Miss PJ is out of town for a wedding. That means that next weekend will find us in the sewing room, finishing up everything. We are all looking forward to the picnic, as we all need the distraction right now. Once the picnic is out of the way, we have plans on pulling the sewing room apart, getting rid of the sofa and carpet, and putting it all back together the way we want it before we start out winter projects.

Did anyone else visit Fair at New Boston? Or another fun festival? If so, please comment, I would love to hear about. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!