Making some progress…..

I have made some progress on some of the home renovations that I have wanted to do for years. It’s just not the progress I want to be making. lol. I would love to have most, if not all, of my Victorian undergarments made, but I have opted to get some areas of the house made over, finally. We have ordered some new flooring for the main part of the house, so we can finally get rid of the 20 year old carpet. The only thing is that the flooring we picked is so popular, it won’t be in until the end of the month…. and we ordered it last month. So, I will be taking time off at the beginning of June to get it installed. I can’t wait, I’m so excited! The other renovations I have made was to the laundry room. After purchasing a new washer and dryer just before Christmas, that tiny room (and I mean tiny, it’s only 5′ by 7′) was in shambles. Since I bought front loading machines, and wanted them stacked, we had to take down the one wire shelf that was in there. That left no where for the stuff on the shelf to go, except into the entry area, and on my travel sewing table. Then, the hubby didn’t want to try to put machines where I wanted them, and I had to leave them sitting in the middle of the room. That meant that my travel table had to go in front of the door to the garage, to be a make shift station for the detergents and stuff. Yeah. That room was barely functional. Here is what it looked like:


Tiny, drab, and positively no room. Blah! So, the weekend of April 29th, I dove in with some paint, new flooring (peel and stick tile since it’s just the laundry room), a new light fixture and some determination. Here is how it looked by the end of the day:


Much better, right? The only help I had with it was when the hubby helped me move the machines out into the entry area, and when the Teenaged Attitude helped by handing me the tiles and I laid them. She did dive in at the end and help with the outer edge that needed special cut pieces. I taught her out to do that without wasting bunch of tiles. Oh! and the hubby helped me install the new light fixture. Which I loved so much, I bought another one to replace the outdated and malfunctioning fixture in the hall. As you can see there is plenty of space to the right of the machines, and some white shelves leaning against the wall. I got those installed this past weekend, and that helped greatly with all the extra stuff in the kitchen that isn’t used daily. Now, to get the rest of the main area of the house ready over the next couple of weeks for the new flooring, and, to get motivated on getting the sewing room finished up. Hopefully, I can get down there soon to start sewing. That would be so nice. Well, until next time…. Happy Sewing!


A week of hiccups!

Happy Wednesday after a holiday weekend! I missed doing “My Fave 5 Friday” last week, as it was a crazy week of hiccups. It started on Monday and just snowballed from there. The thing that threw off my whole week? Well, the hubby was involved in a car accident last Monday, on his way to school. He’s okay, but his car, not so much. Since then, it’s been trips to body shop, dealing with the responsible person’s insurance company, and setting up doctor appointments. I was finally able to take a break from it all on Saturday, and took my mom, the Teenaged Attitude and her bestie to Fair at New Boston, just on the other side of Springfield.


I love going to this two day festival. I have missed the past two years, but definitely had a blast this year. Mom had never really been to a reenactment or festival of this type, so it was fun watching her jump every time the light artillery fired off the cannons. She was really fascinated by the ox that were pulling one of the carts around the grounds.


We had lots of fun wandering through the tents looking at hats, fans, fabric, patterns, and all the other fun reenactment wares.



The only other festival mom has visited with me is the Ohio Renaissance Festival a couple of years ago, so I had fun explaining the era this festival was portraying (1790-1810), along with the how’s and why’s, and differences in some of the costumes different ladies were wearing.


I turned the girls loose to wander as they pleased. They each had a bit of cash to feed themselves, and pick up any trinkets that caught their attention. After roaming as much as we wanted, having a bit of lunch, and then a bit of dessert before leaving, we headed out. On the way home, we decided to explore Buck Creek State Park a bit, just to see what the camping sites and cabins were like. When we first started holding our Regency Picnics, we held them at Buck Creek, at the picnic area close to the beach and boat launch (pictured below).


All in all, it was a great day with mom and the girls. I even came home with some awesome stuff.


Everything is in the photo above. I picked soap from a couple of vendors, a lovely silk fan and a quizzing glass (magnifier) from Daniel Boone of Kentucky, JP Ryan’s Fine Collection of Ladies’ Jackets pattern from a lovely stall, a shaped hat for my 18th c. hat collection, a nice guide book on 18th c. ladies’ dress (for ideas on future costumes), and some lip balm, deep tissue salve, and migraine salve from LBCC Historical Cosmetics (and now wishing I had picked up a few other things while I was there, lol).

On Sunday, the hubby and I met Miss PJ and her hubby out for brunch. Then, we dropped the menfolk off at my house to play video games while we made a quick (well, quick for us) trip to Target. Once we got back, we went down to the sewing room, and proceeded to take back Miss PJ’s sewing area, so she could get started on her Regency dress. After we got her table set up, I ironed her fabric and got my new set of stays cut out, and she decided to clear more space to set up a larger table for me to sew at, so I wouldn’t be stuck at my small travel table. I even have proof of her starting on her dress:



After she went home, I finally got the sleeves to set correctly on my mustard colored half robe, and then called it quits for the night. Monday morning, I went back down and got started on my new set of stays. Miss Elma did come by and join me for the middle part of the day. By the time I shut down the sewing room, I had all three layers of my stays together. After dinner last night, I sat on the couch, pinning the three layers together and watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell on Netflix. This evening, I hope to get it stitched together, and the boning channels stitched in. That will just leave it for me to finish the stays, the skirts of the underdress, and the sleeves of the half robe. Good thing, too, since we only have a couple of weeks left, and I have a soap making class to teach this Saturday, while Miss PJ is out of town for a wedding. That means that next weekend will find us in the sewing room, finishing up everything. We are all looking forward to the picnic, as we all need the distraction right now. Once the picnic is out of the way, we have plans on pulling the sewing room apart, getting rid of the sofa and carpet, and putting it all back together the way we want it before we start out winter projects.

Did anyone else visit Fair at New Boston? Or another fun festival? If so, please comment, I would love to hear about. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!

Back to the daily grind!

My week at home “vacation” was very exhausting. I’m actually kinda glad to be back in the office, just so I can rest a bit. lol. I had somethings that I wanted to concentrate on getting done (like a back log of laundry, my Regency picnic sewing, and a few other things around the house), and I pretty much did everything but what I planned on. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Best laid plans, and all that…. However, I did have lots of fun. The beginning of my “stay-cation” started off with a visit to the hospital. Dad was having an issues with his heart, and was in there for a few days, so my first Saturday morning was a visit to see him. I had planned on cleaning house that day, but Miss Cassi (who moved to LA last year) texted that she was in town for the day, and wanted to know if I wanted to go to a music and arts festival in the neighborhood I used to live in (once upon a time, long, long ago, before I met the hubby). Of course I would want to visit with her, and have lots of fun. So, we set that up for the afternoon. After visiting Dad, I decided to visit Miss PJ, as she lives next to the hospital. That was the beginning of our Pokemon Go adventures for the week. Yes, I play. Don’t judge. lol. But, I have been playing since the original video games came out for the Gameboy, over 20 years ago. We spent a bit walking the neighborhood, then we all got ready for the festival.

Cassi, Me and PJ

Cassi, Me and PJ at the arts & music fest

After the festival, I got home just after the hubby got home from work. We decided on a “date night” of sorts. Since the Teenaged Attitude was at the Best Friend’s house for the weekend, we went out for dinner, and then dessert at a local frozen yogurt place. Then went for a walk in the little park near the house, at 10:30 at night, so I could look for Pokemon. lol. He does indulge me so, especially if it gets me out for a walk. Sunday was bit more on the hilarious side. Miss PJ and Miss Elma came over for tea. While I was waiting for them to get there (and baking chocolate coffee cakes), I was picking up around the house. There may have been an episode in which I was racing for the phone (to keep Miss PJ from tagging me in voicemail), and I may have tripped over the dog, slammed into the ottoman, near fell on the cat causing her to escape wildly over the back of the couch and slam directly into the glass patio door behind it, and then I may have fell on the couch, answering my phone laughing so hard that I couldn’t hardly breath. I’m not saying that it did happen, but it just may have. đŸ˜‰ The rest of the week was about the same as my weekend. Full of adventures, including trips to several parks, a local reservoir, an interesting jaunt downtown (where I don’t go very often), my house being taken over by teenagers, and midnight runs to hunt Pokemon with said teenagers. Here are a few photos:


One of the trails at a local park

The dam at the reservoir

The dam at the reservoir

Miss PJ and the teenagers

Miss PJ and the teenagers

A lovely view from the shelter house overlooking the river

A lovely view from the shelter house overlooking the river

An old favorite getting a new name?

An old favorite getting a new name?

On Thursday, I was actually able to make it down into the sewing room. I went in at 8:30 in the morning, only coming out for food, and to make sure the teenagers weren’t burning the house down, and didn’t come out until about 9:30 that evening. It felt really good to send the entire day in there. I did manage to get the bodice of my under dress cut out and sewn together, and I decided that I would make fabric covered buttons for it. Then decided that I needed to add a bit of flair to said buttons, and picked a suitable decorative stitch to sew designs on them before cutting the fabric.

Regency sewing progress! Yay!

Regency sewing progress! Yay!

I also found that, apparently, I was lacks in sewing practices when I made my last set of Regency stays, and didn’t pre-shrink one of the layers. Therefore, when I washed them a few weeks ago, they shrank. So, yeah. I’ll be making a new set of stays.

A new set of stays, cut out and waiting to be sewn.

A new set of stays, cut out and waiting to be sewn.

After Thursday, I didn’t get too much accomplished. lol. Saturday night, we went as a family to see the Star Trek Beyond. As a born Trekkie, I was in heaven! And, the hubby (who is a Star Wars fan) even liked it.  Sunday was a lazy day. I started my stays.

Inserting a gusset

Inserting a gusset

And that was as far as I got, before taking a nap in the recliner. I did manage to make a couple of small batches of soap.


It’s been many year since I have made soap or candles. I forgot how much fun it is. And, I have decided to put soap making into my class rotation at the shop. I pretty sure I will be making a lot more soap, and other homemade items for around the house, from now on. I miss the simple, pure products that I used to use. Guess it’s time to get back to it.

So, the plans for the week are to try to finish up my stays, so I can keep working on the under dress and half robes. Especially since I won’t have time on Saturday to work in the sewing room, as I’ll be working in the shop. So, until next time…. Happy Sewing!

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