Progress??? Not really…

I was really starting to make great progress on the sewing room. Miss PJ came over and we finally got all of the carpet ripped, pretty much got everything shuffled around to where it needed to be, and was just down to sorting everything for keep, give away, and trash piles, plus hauling all of the carpet and carpet pad bundles up and out to the trash. The goal line was well within sight. Then, this happened:


Long story short (shocker, I know, as I love my long stories), I have no clue what I did to my foot, I woke up with it in extreme pain the day before Thanksgiving. I soldiered on, went into work, toughed it out all day, but decided that I was going to the urgent care after work. When I got to the urgent care, they took one look at my foot, and sent me to the emergency room. Several hours (sent home around 10:30 pm), an ultrasound, 3 x-rays, and a doppler sounding of my foot and ankle, I was sent home with this funny shoe to wear for several weeks, pain meds, and orders to stay off of it as much as possible, along with a follow up with my family doctor. So, all we know is that it isn’t a bone spur, I didn’t step on anything, and nothing bit me. We are down to tendon, muscle or other issues. I am pretty much getting back to normal, but it’s taken the better part of a week to get there. In the meantime, I did not get 90% of my Thanksgiving baking/cooking done, I have not been able to make it down the stairs to do anything with the sewing room, and have taken a large number of naps on the couch, which contributed to the fact that I missed posting last week’s My Fave 5 Friday. Sorry. My hubby was extremely sweet in the fact that he made sure all of the carpet and carpet pad bundles made it up out of the basement and out to the curb for the bulk pickup I had scheduled, and then cleared out everything I had in the garage for the same pick up. I am hoping to get back down into the sewing room to keep moving on it. I need to, as I’m starting to go through sewing withdrawals. If nothing else, as long as I can make it down the stairs, I can at least use my newly acquired rolling chair to move around and sort stuff. Hopefully, by this time next week, I’ll have lots of progress made in the sewing room.

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday went much better, and much smoother than mine. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!

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