It’s beginning to look a lot like fall….


Too bad it doesn’t feel like fall! September kind of got away from me, in a big way. lol. Maybe because it felt way too much like summer. So, now we are half way through October, but the weather sure doesn’t feel like it. Here, in the heart of Ohio (our old state logo was “The Heart of it All!”), we have had temps in the mid-80’s. What? Really?? Where are my 50’s and 60’s degree days? I love fall. To me it’s the best season. Ever. All the pretty colors, the cool days, and even cooler nights that allow for a fire to be built.

My view at the new office. Love it!
My view at the new office. Love it!

I love being able to curl up in sweats or warm jammies, with a cup of hot chocolate, sitting around the fire, and just relaxing. But, when I have to turn my A/C back on in the middle of October, it tends to make me grumpy, listless, and just plain out of sorts. I want to sew, to finish up the super quick fall project I started, but the heat has just sucked all motivation out of me. We did have a storm that pushed through last night, and it brought slightly cooler temps with it, but it was motivation to get my new fall jacket done.

Simplicity 1067
Simplicity 1067

I started this a few weeks back. I worked one evening on tracing and cutting out the pattern, and two evenings on construction. Last night, I finished up the hem, finished the edges on the raw edges along the front and sleeves. Then, I sewed on a giant snap for the closure, and added a very large, decorative button to cover where I put the snap. In a few days, I should be able to actually wear this out of the house. lol. But, on to what has been happening in the past month.

So, when I left off the last time, we were all getting ready for the annual Regency Picnic. Let me tell you, it was a blast! We have definitely missed having this annual event. It was a really great day, and I do mean day. I was up and out the door way early on the day of the picnic, as I had to get to the shelter house to make sure we had it. Annie and I got there just after the sun came up.


The shelter house was just next to the Scioto River. After Annie and I hauled our stuff into the shelter house, I parked my car, and we sat and enjoyed the quiet, as the joggers silently passed, and the OSU rowing team made their way up river. Since the park we were in is a Pokemon Go hot spot, we got in a bit of play.

A girl and her Pikacu
A girl and her Pikachu

A couple of hours later, Miss PJ joined us, and we finished setting up, then got dressed in our costumes. I hung our new group banner on the front of the shelter house, so Miss Elma and anyone else coming could find us.


It was truly a perfect day for the picnic. It wasn’t overly hot, there were hardly any bugs, and the location was perfect. The shelter house we picked was conveniently located next to a small play ground, and right next to the river. We had a great feast laid out, and really enjoyed ourselves. Here, I’ll let some of the photos speak for themselves:

Miss Elma, Miss PJ and myself - under our new group banner!
Miss Elma, Miss PJ and myself – under our new group banner!
The next generations of costumers. YAY!
The next generations of costumers. YAY!
This year's yummy selections
This year’s yummy selections
Annie at the edge of the river
Annie at the edge of the river

This year, Miss PJ brought her youngest son to join in on the fun. Then, later in the day, her hubby and my hubby popped in to enjoy the leftovers. I will say, as much trouble as my half robe gave me, I was very pleased with how it turned out, and how the costume looked over all.


And, since Annie didn’t decide until the last minute if she was going, and if she was wearing a costume, we pulled Katie’s old half robe out of storage. Amazingly, Annie fit into it very well.


This is the fourth picnic this dress has been worn to, and Annie looked really stunning it in. For undergarments, I pulled out my very first set of long stays for her to wear, and PJ pulled out a chemise. Ever though her costume was hobbled together, she looked amazing. After we were done with our lunch, strolling along the river, and getting photos done, we all changed back into our regular clothes to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

The relief of changing out of costume
The relief of changing out of costume

Since this was only the second time that Annie has worn a full costume, she was really happy to be changing back into her own clothes. Come to think about it, this was the first time that she’s worn a full set of stays/corset. lol. The last picnic, several years ago, she wore short stays. After everyone was back in the street clothes, the kids grabbed the fishing poles and headed for the river. And, because we all forgot bait, they were fishing with cheese and rolls. lol.

Annie with her jeans rolled up and in the water, helping the younger kids with their lines
Annie with her jeans rolled up and in the water, helping the younger kids with their lines

Needless to say, they did catch anything, and the fish were well fed, along with a dog that happened along and found their stash of “bait”. I can’t say it enough, it was a really great day. By the time we packed up and headed out, it was around 5 o’clock. At that point, I was ready to go home and collapse on the couch.

So, the next big project is the remodel of the sewing room. We still need to find time to get that love seat up and out of there, and then get the carpet torn up. I’m hoping to get at least the love seat out in the next couple of weeks, before the weather gets any colder. I can deal with the carpet until spring, if I have to. And, I can even wait till spring to paint, I just really want that love seat out of there. It takes up so much space, and that’s space I could be using. lol. That’s kinda it for now. I will be trying to get back to the My Fave Friday posts. I just need to carve out time to write them up. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. msclkrebs says:

    I know what you mean about the weather lately. We’ve had the same thing here in Dayton/Fairborn. I was so happy to hear the rain and thunder last night.

    The photos of the Regency picnic are wonderful. You all looked marvelous. I just finished drafting/adjusting a spencer pattern this week and the fabric for my 1812 day dress finally arrived. Now if the fabric for the spencer and my millinery supplies for my bonnet ever get here, I can let out my inner Anne Elliot.

    Good luck on the sewing room remodel. I just finished clearing a mountain of junk out of my apartment’s second bedroom so it can become my sewing room. Unlike you, though, I brought in a small antique Eastlake love seat from the overcrowded living room. It will make a good place to sit and do hand sewing once I have the fabric piled on it put away in the new cupboard.

    Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I love the fall colors in your jacket and look forward to seeing pictures.

    Christine in Fairborn

  2. Tonia says:

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for the comment! I’m with you on the weather. So happy to see the rain, and the cool down, that’s for sure! I definitely look forward to getting out and getting finished pics of the new jacket.

    We will be doing the picnic again next year, and it’s an open event. You are more than welcome to join us! We always hold the belief of “The more, the merrier”. You can always use the contact page to email me directly for more info, or find me on my Facebook page, or check out our costume group blog at, we even have a face book group, too. We are always looking for others that want to join in our mayhem. lol. And, I would love to see your 1812 dress. Please be sure to share.

    I agree that a nice love seat makes for a great place to sit and do hand sewing. However, mine has been in the sewing room for over 7 years, and the sewing room has just out grown it. We have added more costumes, more supplies, more equipment…. pretty much more of everything. lol. And, it has become a catch all for things we just weren’t in the mood to put away at the moment.

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