Making progress… well, a little

Life has gotten kind of crazy, again, and it’s slowed down sewing progress, that’s for sure. On Saturday, I had a cooking class to teach, so that meant no progress in the sewing room. However, I did make it down there on Sunday. I jumped in to finish up my new set of Regency stays. I only had the outer layer left to sew together, and then I was able to put them all together. I have everything lined up and was ready to start the boning channels.


That’s where I hit a stumbling block. When cleaning and rearranging the sewing room, I know I cam across a bag full of the zip ties I use for boning, but now I can’t find it. I searched the room a couple of times over, found a few other things I was missing, but still no boning. I didn’t feel like running out to the hardware store right then, and decided that I still had stuff that I could work on to keep from losing precious sewing time. So, I pulled out the pre-washed, bleached muslin I had set aside for a new chemise, and got started.


A short time later, and I finally have a sleeveless Regency chemise. Yay! Now, I just need to make a run to the hardware store to get some new zip ties (and then I’ll find the bag I was looking for, never fails!) so I can finish the stays. Once the stays are done, I can finish my under dress and move on to the half robes. The only plans I have for this weekend is to go see Wicked with the Teenaged Attitude on Friday night, and then I’m hitting the sewing room for the rest of weekend. I am determined to get as much done as I can, just in case I have to help someone with their dress before the picnic.

In other news, some fabric I ordered awhile ago for Miss PJ, Miss Elma and myself finally arrived on Saturday!


There sits 20 yds of satin in each color. Miss PJ ordered the purple, Miss Elma ordered the silver, I ordered the green, and I got the black as a bonus. We will be making our new Victorian Late Bustle era gowns with all of this satin. I already have all of my patterns lined up, and will be starting on my set of black cotton undergarments, along with a new emerald green corset, after I’m done with my Regency sewing. I can’t wait to get started! Is anyone else working on, or getting ready to start a new Victorian costume? Please comment and share, or leave a link to your blog, as I just love seeing other’s beautiful costumes. Until next time… Happy Sewing!


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