My Fave 5 Friday – 1830’s Romantic Era Fashion Plates

This week’s My Fave 5 is from an era I wouldn’t have considered before. When I used to look at Romantic Era dresses and fashion plates, I used to just think, “Why?” To me the sleeves where just ridiculously large. I couldn’t image having to cart those things around. But, that era has been slowly growing on me. The more I look at them, the more I like them. And, finally, last week I decided that I do want to make at least one full 1830’s costume. I even discovered in my pattern stash that I had inherited a copy of an 1830’s dress. Because my CADD won’t allow me to concentrate on just one costume at a time, or even 3 costumes for that matter, I have found my self looking up fashion plates and researching the foundation garments. So, just to appease the scattered, costuming side of my brain, here is this week’s Fave 5. Enjoy!

#5 – Carriage Dress and Walking Dress 

Image found here
Image found here

I love winter! I just love the cold weather and being able to bundle up, adding lots of layers. So, these dresses are just up my alley! The one on the left with all the fur time, matching fur muff, and the lovely red color is perfect. And the green dress, I love the ermine fur time, and the bows down the front of the skirt.

#4 – 1834 Evening Dresses

Image found here
Image found here

This plates has such wonderful, double puffed sleeves. The red dress (which I am more drawn toward, as red is one of my favorite colors) has the lovely bows down the from, while the white dress is accessorized with a lovely wrap.

#3 – 1830 Evening Dresses 

Image found here
Image found here

Another lovely set of evening dresses. The pink dress have the stripes that I so love, and an interesting trim in the middle of the sleeve that mirrors the trim around the middle of the skirt. I also love her hair do! The green dress (my favorite of these two, as green is another of my favorite colors) has such wonderful sheer sleeves with cute cuffs, and the green details at the top of the sleeves. I also love the trim detail around the skirt. I’m just not too crazy about the matching hat. lol.

#2 – Evening Dresses 

Image found here
Image found here

As I found this image on Pinterest, and it was pinned by a Russian user, this was no date listed. My favorite in this one is the flowered dress on the right. I love the contrast of the dark background of the fabric, and the large pink flowers. I’m not too sure about the wrap/scarf thing she’s got going on, but it kinda works. On the white dress, I love the sheer overlay at the collar. It adds a dainty touch to the overall dress.

And, down to….

#1 – 1833 Evening Dress 

Image found here
Image found here

The lovely gold color of this dress is what caught my attention. Not that I can wear gold or yellow colored fabric, as I have a rosy skin tone. I like the lovely lace that runs down the front of the dress, and the bows that accentuate it. The lovely ruffle above the puff sleeves is edged with a lace trim. And the other thing that caught my attention in this plate is the fabulous hair do! She has accessorized her dress perfectly with dangle-y earrings, a lovely necklace, elbow length gloves, and a wrap, in case of cool weather. lol.

So, these plates have helped to further my interest in the puffy-sleeved dark side of the 1830’s. lol. Are there any of these plates that catch your attention? Have I helped to sway you to join me in my current ginormous sleeve madness? If so, please comment and tell me which ones. Or, are there any that I don’t have featured that are just over-the-top, puffy sleeved awesomeness? Please comment and tell me about them. And, stay tuned for next week’s post. Until then… Happy Sewing!

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