My Fave 5 Friday – Regency Costume Pins

Happy Friday, Everyone! It’s finally the end of the work week, and time to share 5 of my favorites. Let me just say that I love Pinterest. I am on it daily, and finds tons of visual inspiration. So, this week, I will be sharing my 5 most favorite Regency Costume Pins.

#5 – A lovely Travel Dress

Pin found here
Pin found here

I tend to lean more toward the understated dresses, and this fits the bill perfectly. This is one that I wouldn’t mind having in my Regency wardrobe.

#4 – A lovely Spencer reproduction

Pin found here
Pin found here

This is a beautiful reproduction of the Queen Louise of Prussia Spencer. I have always loved the red, white, and blue combination, and this Spencer is just the right amount of each. I love how the white dress shows it off to perfect advantage.

#3 – A lovely drop front dress

Pin found here
Pin found here

Another simplistic, but very lovely dress. This one even has the pintucks on the drop front that I have yet to attempt to make. This is another dress that I could easily see in my Regency wardrobe. Hmmmm….. I may have to start shopping for fabric. I think this dress in a lovely, dark green would suit me well.

#2 – A lovely evening dress

Pin found here
Pin found here

This is such a lovely dress with a very unique sleeve feature. I love the fabric print, and how she used it to accentuate the design features of the dress. And, if I correct, I have even seen this dress on the cover of a Regency romance novel. 😉

And we have come to……

#1 – Green and Gold combination

Pin found here
Pin found here

This costume is just all kinds of loveliness! I love the colors. The green works so well with the gold. I love the leaf embroidered trim on the Spencer, and the hat and chemisette just pulls it all together. I am just in love with this costume!

Well, there you have it. My Fave 5 Friday picks of Regency Costume Pins. If you would like to see the others I have pinned, you can find a link to my Pinterest boards on the sidebar under the Social header. Please comment to tell me your favorites, and your thoughts on the Pins I have picked for this week. The comment button is just under the post title. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!


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