My Fave 5 Friday – Period Movies

As I am on vacation this week, I have spent some time in the sewing, not as much as I would like. lol. But, when I’m in there, I always have the tv on in the back ground, and 9 times out of 10, I have on a period movie or tv show. So, in honor of my vacation week winding down and coming to an end, I thought this week’s Fave 5 would be period movies. Enjoy!

#5 – Emma (1996)

When I’m in the mood for a bit of light sewing, and happy movie, I usually pop in Emma. Out of all the versions I have seen, this one is my favorite. I especially love the costumes. We have gotten lots of costume inspiration from this movie over the years.

#4 – Valmont (1989)

This is one of my favorites when I’m working on 18th century costumes. Plus, who doesn’t love Colin Firth? The costumes are lovely, and inspiring. I just wish I had a bottomless bank account so I could recreate a few of them.

#3 – Jane Eyre (2006)

Technically, this one is a mini-series, but I consider it a movie. This version holds true to the book, and I love watching it while sewing or knitting. The actors, and the costumes, are very well done.

#2 – Pride & Prejudice (1995 BBC)

Another mini-series, but, again… Colin Firth! The best Mr. Darcy out there. This version definitely stays true to Miss Austen’s work. This version is what I use to judge all other versions on. The costumes in this one have been a major inspiration to us over the years.


#1 – The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

This is by far my most favorite period movie. This is the first movie I ever bought myself. I was working at Woolworth, after I graduated high school, when this came out on VHS. (Yes, I’m dating myself with this one. lol.) This movie is what ignited my love of 18th century costumes.

I do love so many period movies (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Sense & Sensibility, Young Victoria, The Duchess, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Count of Monte Christo, Anna and the King – I could go on and on), but these are by Fave 5. Please comment and tell me what’s your favorites, I would love to hear them, and any suggestions you may have for movies I may not have seen yet. The comment button is just under the post title. Until next time……. Happy Sewing!


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