My Fave 5 Friday – Regency Edition

A while back, I was a co-author of a group costume blog that is no longer around. One of the weekly features we used to do was along the lines of a top 5 favorites. We would pick a topic, and rotate weeks to post our favorites. I have been thinking about bringing something similar back, and have decided that Fridays sounded like the ideal day of the week to do this on. Not sure how long I will run this feature, I may just run it until I run out of topics. lol. So, enjoy! Please feel free to comment (the comment link is at the top of the post, just under the title), and be sure to share your favorites.

Welcome to My Fave 5 Friday Regency Edition! This week I will be featuring my top 5 favorite Regency Era fashion plates. With my current sewing project being for our upcoming Regency picnic, what better time to showcase so different styles of the era. Hope you enjoy!

#5 – May 1808 Full Dress

Image found here 

“Full Dress” were gowns that were categorized as Evening, Ball and Court dresses. These were worn for formal events, and were usually very well appointed. I like how this dress on the left has the splash of color, and lots lovely embroidery.

#4 – August 1800 Walking dress

Image found here
Image found here

I love a good Walking/Promenade dress. They could be made from a variety of printed cotton, or muslin, and the sleeve length could vary, depending on the weather. They could express the ladies’ personal style with subtle design features. Riding Habits also have a great appeal to me.

#3 – May 1805 Installation Full Dress

Image found here
Image found here

Here we have a couple more Full Dress gowns. I love the details on both gowns, and can just see the one on the right having a lovely sheer overlay, with lots of embroidery, and maybe some glass beads.

#2 – July 1801 Walking Dress

Image found here
Image found here

I love the Jumper style walking dress on the left. This would make a lovely recreation with a lavender linen or cotton, with a voile shirt.

And last, but not least –

#1 – February 1801 Afternoon Dress

Image found here
Image found here

This is my absolute favorite fashion plate from the Regency era. I love the the color combination, and the overall design. This is on my list to recreate, but I am thinking of using plaid for my dress.

So, there you have my 5 favorite Regency fashion plates. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. msclkrebs says:

    I think this is a great idea! I just love the last plate, too. You’ll look wonderful in it, I’m sure.

    1. Tonia says:

      Thank you! I have been thinking on reviving this style of post for a while. I’m glad you like it. And, when I finally get around to recreating that last plate, I’ll be sure to post it.

  2. Elma Hamblin says:

    So much inspiration to be found in this! You may have just helped me narrow down my next gown – thank you, Dear!

    1. Tonia says:

      You know me, always willing to enable when it comes to our hobbies! lol. We can look at more on Sunday, when you come over for tea. 😉

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