Slowly making progress


After my big weekend spent reclaiming the sewing room, I haven’t been able to spend too much time in there. Partly because I have been helping the Teenaged Attitude chase Pokemon all over the city, in small spurts. lol. That has been an adventure and a half, but I’m not going to complain, as it makes her want to leave the house. And, I won’t lie, I play it, too. I figure why not, I have been playing Pokemon since the first video game came out back in the mid-90’s, and even played the card game. It’s actually a little fun. 😉 But, anywho! This past weekend, I ended up on duty at my friends shop all day, and by the time I got off at 6 pm, hit the store for a few items for dinner, got home and made dinner, I had no energy left to go down to the sewing room. On Sunday, I slept in a little, but made it down to start on my mock ups for my Regency half robes. This time, the little kitty came down to investigate the sewing room, and then promptly made herself at home:

What? Is my space now!
What? Is my space now!

Shortly after than, Mama Cat had to come see why I was repeatedly telling her baby to “get out of there”:

What are you doing to my baby?
What are you doing to my baby?

After I got them to settle down, I was able to get the under dress bodice mock up cut out, and started sewing it together. I was almost done sewing it together when I heard the dog bark. Now, the dog only barks when someone comes to the door. So, I hustled up the stairs to see who it was, and it was Miss Tammi. Being that she’s a truck driver, and has been driving over the road lately, I hadn’t seen her since sometime in April. She ventured down into the sewing room with me to chat while I finished the last couple of seams on my mock up. I got that mock up sewn, and partially fitted, and then was promptly side tracked by Miss Tammi and her willingness to roam. lol. The Teenaged Attitude and I had been telling her about the Pokemon Go game, and of course, she was up to be our wheel man so she could watch us play. That became a four hour adventure, along with a stop off at Michael’s and the grocery store for dinner. So, needless to say, I didn’t get any further on my sewing. I did, however, get a lovely shot of downtown while we there, walking along the water front.

My hometown - Columbus, Ohio
My hometown – Columbus, Ohio

After I made dinner, the Hubby had me cut his hair. And, while I was in the mood, the Teenaged Attitude talked me into actually cutting her’s.


It’s been about four or five years since she’s had a hair cut, and that’s mainly because we couldn’t agree on the hair cut.


It’s  not what she wanted, but it was something we could both live with. Plus, she is learning what I tried to tell her about her hair. It’s naturally curly, and the length was holding the curl down. Now, she has to learn to style it all over again. What you see in the photo above was with her hair still wet, so the weight of the water was still pulling it down.

While Saturday was all business, Sunday was busy and fun. Last night, I was too tired to go into the sewing room, but this evening I will be in there, as I have to hem up the Hubby’s scrubs for clinicals tomorrow. Maybe while I’m in there, I just might get to fit my mock up a little more. Until next time….. Happy Sewing!


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