At last…. Sewing room reclaimed!

The extra long weekend kinda threw me off. Friday was a bit of a lazy day. The Teenaged Attitude helped me clear off the stairs down to the sewing room as we had a repair guy coming to look at the ac unit, and he needed to get to the furnace. But, other than that, it was a pretty quiet day. We watched tv, and since I found my note book for sock knitting, I was able to actually knit some on the socks I have on the needles. Saturday rolled around bright and early, but we kind of goofed off until after 10 am, as the Hubby was working all day. Then, I decided it was time to get moving, and prodded the kid to get up and help me. We hit the sewing room with trash bags in hand. Unfortunately, since the ac is still out, it was a little on the hot and humid side down there. I was only able to work for an hour at time, before having to come back upstairs to cool off. We would get something cool to drink, take turns standing in front of the fan, and then head back down. However, it was all worth it. Once I was able to wade through everything, and I do mean wade, the room is finally usable again. 5 years of not using the room, and everyone using it as a “temporary storage space”, had made it so that you couldn’t walk in there. Everything was down there – an old love seat, the old kitchen chairs that match the table I use as a cutting table, over flow pantry items, an old printer, just all kinds of things. Well, not anymore. Behold, my sewing room restored (mostly):


It make look messy, but trust me, this is a 100% improvement. Now, I just need to rip up the carpet, paint the walls white, and get a better storage method going. And, what’s that in the back corner? Could it be? Yes, I think it is. It’s Jane, back in her natural habitat!


She sorta looks defeated in that corner, huh? I don’t really blame her. She lost her amazing view in the bay window, just to go back to this dark, dungeon like room. Well, I’m going to fix that as soon as I can, by repainting down there and brightening it up for her. Poor Jane! And, look! There in the center of my sewing table! It’s my favorite sewing notions. Oh, how I have missed them! lol. I was kinda lost without my measuring tape that’s on a lanyard, and my marking pencils. Most of the work in the sewing room was done on Saturday, which left just a few loads of costumes that needed to be washed and packed back up on Sunday. Yesterday, I hauled all of my sewing supplies that were hanging around the living room back down, and started reorganizing everything. In the photo of the room above, you can see the cutting table on the far right, it used to be in the center of the room, taking up all of the floor space. I also sorted some of the notions, and started designating places for them. That didn’t take too long, and since the room is now clean(er), I was able to leave the door open with a fan blowing cool air in. That resulted in a visitor:

Miss Sophie Anne, taking refuge in the book case
Miss Sophie Anne, taking refuge in the book case

Miss Sophie came in to investigate. Onnie couldn’t care less, and stayed upstairs. There are still a few parts of the room that I didn’t want Sophie in, and had to use the water gun to shoo her out of them. She spent a little time on the bottom shelf of the pattern book case watching me iron, then she wandered back upstairs. After the ironing, I decided that I wanted to do something fun, and started drafting the patterns for my Regency Half Robes. To do that, I decided to pull out some of the previous Regency patterns that I drafted to see if I can use some of the elements I like on those:


In the process, I found that my Wrap Dress pattern is not where it should be. So, as I keep reorganizing, I’ll have to be on the look out for it to get it put back where it belongs. I also found that the center back bodice piece for my Drop Front dress was missing. ??? So, I did the only thing I could think to do, pulled the dress itself out, and used wax paper to trace it by the seam lines, then added the seam allowance back to it, then cut a new piece. By the time I was ready to knock off the day, I had the bodice pieces for the under dress and half robes drafted and cut out. I thinking of drafting a different style of shift that will fit under the under dress that I have in mind, if the Sense & Sensibility pattern I normally use doesn’t work the way I want it to.


Well, that was my holiday weekend. Nothing terribly exciting. We didn’t even go out to watch the fireworks anywhere. Granted, there are those in my neighborhood that like to put on a small show every year, so we did get to watch those from the comfort of our deck. Did anyone do anything exciting for the holiday? Until next time, I will leave you with a photo that was taken of our city’s 4th of July celebration, called Red, White & Boom! I got the photo from a friend, and couldn’t find who to credit it to. If anyone knows, please comment with it, so I can give credit to this very talented photographer.

Red, White & Boom! in Columbus, Ohio
Red, White & Boom! in Columbus, Ohio

Happy Sewing!


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