Pausing for a moment….


Life has still been moving at a hectic pace, and I am really feeling the need to just take a few days and veg out to some Netflix or some of my favorite movies. Last week was my birthday, and I didn’t get a chance to take time off from work, like I usually do. So, this past weekend, I spent most of Saturday just hanging out with Miss Elma. She indulged me on my impromptu quest for ingredients to make olive cheese bread that quickly became a late lunch of vegetarian sushi and boneless, honey BBQ wings. lol. After she left, I discovered that my ac unit went down for the second time in a week, but this time it’s down for the count. Figures that it would die just before the hottest days of the year, so far. While we are waiting for the new ac unit to be installed, I have acquired a portable ac/heater room unit. It’s doing a really good job of keeping the house cool. On Sunday, Miss PJ and her hubby treated me to lunch at one of our favorite places that we haven’t visited in about 5 years. We had the added pleasure of Katie joining us for lunch, along with my niece. Since then, I have been feeling like I have jet lag from the several months of constant activities, errands and general life. I have so wanted to get started on more costume items, but have been entirely too tired by the time I get home from work. Thank goodness I took Friday off, so I have a four day weekend to try to get some stuff done in. lol.

I do need to get on the ball with my costuming, especially since we have shifted the upcoming picnic theme from 1912 Downton Abbey back to our usual Regency era, and are aiming for mid-September for the picnic date. Our local costuming group has picked up a couple of new members, and they are new to sewing, so this period for the picnic would be easier for them to work with at this time. That being the case, I have decided to pull out the fabric I bought several years ago for a Regency project and use that for my new costume for the picnic.

PhotoGrid_1342978090587 (1)

I’ll be making my Regency half robe set along the lines of something like this, plus a Regency era apron in natural linen. I recently found my Regency stays, so I’ll just need to make a shift to better suit the under dress I’ll be making. I’ve gained a couple of pounds since the last time I wore them, so I need to try on my stays to see how much of a spring back I now have. lol. Once I do that, I can get to cracking on drafting the pattern I want for my half robes. As the print on the fabric I have for the pair of half robes reminds me more of “day at the market or in the garden” type material, the half robes will be more serviceable than fancy. I have a design in mind, now to make it come to life. Well, until next time….. Happy Sewing!


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