OMG! I actually finished something?


Hello! I am so excited! Not only do I have progress to share, I have an actual finished project! Woo hoo! I haven’t had a finished costume project since 2013. So, this is a major milestone for me right now.

The project that hijacked my sewing mojo has finally been seen through to completion. I really enjoyed making this costume, and will be revisiting it after I get a couple of other completed, as I have several bolts of linen that are screaming to be made into one of these suits. So, without further delay…


I was able to get just about everything finished up by Thursday evening of last week, with the exception of the buttonholes and buttons on the cuffs of the blouse, which was quickly taken care of Friday evening. I was so happy to have it all done, and apparently, Jane was, too.

Jane, relaxing after so much hard work
Jane, relaxing after so much hard work

This is the way I found her Friday morning. She figured that since the costume was complete, she could take a rest. It was hard work holding up those garments, especially after lounging around the sewing room for the past two and half years. lol. I have posted a few, very frumpy photos of me wearing it, they are on the project page here. Please forgive the lack of makeup, styled hair, and period correct corset. I really loved working with these patterns, and will be posting my reviews under the pattern review page that is set up. In fact, I loved these pattern so much, I purchased a few more that I want to dive into at a later date.

Now that the 1910’s Suit is done and ready for a garment bag, I have been able to move forward with the next project, which has a deadline…. of next week. lol. But, this one is a breeze. It’s my new 1950’s Tea Dress.

Gertie's Tropical Sateen fabric and Butterick B6055
Gertie’s Tropical Sateen fabric and Butterick B6055

This past weekend, I was able to get started on it. After working all day at the shop, I hit Miss PJ’s house to cut out patterns. Then we got started somewhat bright and early on Sunday. We had to hit the fabric store for PJ to pickup more of her fabric, as we forgot to add to the yardage of her fabric, that it’s very directional. When we got back to her house, we got set up and started cutting fabric around noon. Miss Elma joined us.

This is what a ping-pong table is really for
This is what a ping-pong table is really for

By the time we stopped and started packing up, which was around 6 pm, we all had our dress pieces cut out, and each of us had a really good start on our dress. I had my bodice almost entirely done, I just need to tweek the fit a bit. The past couple of evenings, I haven’t been able to work on it, and Monday the Teenaged Attitude had a choir concert at the high school, and last night I had some errands to run. This evening, I want to finish the small bits on the bodice and get the skirt panels sewn together, and maybe attached to the bodice. After that, I still need to make my new crinoline. Which means I need to get my hinny in gear, since our event is on May 28th. No pressure! None at all! lol.

Until next time…. Happy Sewing!


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