Suits, Shoes, and Cats! Oh my! (Photo heavy post)


I took a couple of days off of work last week. By the end of the week, I was kind of regretting not taking the whole week, but I did have a good time on the days I did take. The Saturday before, I got up and decided to get started on cutting out my Wearing History 1910’s Suit:


In the middle of that, Miss PJ called and wanted me to go shopping with her for lace and supplies to make a wedding veil for a friend’s daughter. How could I say no? lol. When all was said and done, we have been gone for five hours, hit two craft stores, and 2 home improvement stores and I came home with the tulle for the new crinoline I want to make for my next 1950’s dress:

I just love this color!
I just love this color!

And some herbs to plant in the containers I have on the deck:

just a few of the fresh herbs that'll be growing on the deck this summer
just a few of the fresh herbs that’ll be growing on the deck this summer

And, PJ picked out her pattern, fabric and notions:


After we got back from shopping, I finished cutting out the rest of the suit, and started on getting the pattern for the Elsie blouse put together. On Sunday, I got all of the herbs planted, and then headed to PJ’s for the afternoon, and later, dinner.

I was off last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Miss Elma came over and joined me all three days. Monday we had lunch out, and hit the big box store for a few things I was going to need for my Tuesday evening cooking class. On Tuesday, we hit the thrift store for a bit of fun for my class started. I came out with a couple of vintage patterns for my collection:


Besides the patterns, I found a vintage style hat and some sewing notions that were bundled together for under a dollar. On Wednesday, I was up early and cut out the blouse pattern. I figured I would start with sewing that, but didn’t get started on it until after Miss Elma left for the day. Then, I set up my make shift sewing station on the kitchen table, turned on a movie and got started:


I only got as far as getting the body of the blouse sewn together (fronts to the back, and collar on), then I had to knock off to make dinner. I didn’t get back to it until this past Saturday, and pretty much got the blouse finished. That is, until I realized the cuffs where way too big! But, I would rather have them too big than too small. Sunday morning, I seam ripped them back off, cut them down, and then reattached them. After that, I packed up my sewing operation, and headed over to PJ’s to sew in the sunshine:

Sunday sewing, complete with orange margarita and bag partial bag of combos - lol
Sunday sewing, complete with orange margarita and bag partial bag of combos – lol

She has a huge Victorian house, so we set up on her very large front porch, and got down to business. I finished off the button holes on the front of the blouse, came to the decision that I need smaller buttons for the cuffs, and started the suit skirt. After that, I packed everything down, we had dinner, and enjoyed the great outdoors for a bit longer. After I got home, I dressed Jane up in what I have done, so far:

Wow! Looking good, Jane! Looking good!
Wow! Looking good, Jane! Looking good!

I just about have the skirt done. Just waiting on some buttons I ordered from eBay. Once I get those on (adding them all the way down the front), I just need to hem it. I really love how this is turning out! I’ll be starting on the jacket during the evenings this week.

Oh! And, a pair of shoes I ordered for this costume came in last week. Still can’t afford the American Duchess shoes that I really want, so I went with the cheapy shoes from Amazon, again. But, they do look good, they fit really well, and are much closer to my budget, so I can’t complain too much. Here they are:


I ordered the the same brand as I ordered my Edwardian shoes last year. You can find this pair here. They come in three other colors (I’ll probably be ordering more, somewhere down the line, lol), and they run pretty much true to size, I didn’t have to order a size up like I had to with the other pair. And, in true feline form, as I was trying to get photos, both cats had to do a photo bomb:

"Look! Mom has a camera out. She must want a photo of use. Oooo! What's this?"
“Look! Mom has a camera out. She must want a photo of us. Oooo! What’s this?”

After all of that fun, my goal is to get as much of my suit done as possible by Saturday, as PJ and I want to start on our new 1950’s dresses this weekend. If we don’t kill ourselves working on the garden around the pond in my backyard, that is. lol. Miss Lily is coming over this evening with some fabric to pick out a dress pattern so we can make sure she has enough of what she has on hand, and Miss Elma is making her final fabric selection. We really need to get moving on those, as we want to wear them at the end of the month. No big rush there, or anything! lol. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!


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